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Decon break shrinkage

Decon break shrinkage

Hello guys! After PEing for about 9 months with only a shorter break my EQ went lower and I lost my morning wood. I´we also experienced problems gaining lately so I figured it was time for a decon break. Now I´m two weeks in to it and when I measured my unit I had lost one centimeter in length!! (Used to be 19 cm) In just two weeks! One centimeter is about what I have gained in length during my nine months of PE, luckily I haven’t lost any girth but I´ve only gained so little in girth that it´s not worth mentioning.
My EQ has gone up but I feel that it can get better. I´m horny as hell, masturbating twice every day. Morning wood has started to come back but not every day and not rock hard.
My routine used to be, 5 min rice sock, 5 min manual stretching, 10 or 15 minutes dry jelqing followed by some manual clamping, 5 min rice sock and occasionally 5 mins of kegels. 2 days on, 1 off.

What would you guys recommend me to do? I´m thinking about maybe end this decon break now and start PEing again, buy clamps and a pump. All in! If I would continue this decon for how long do you guys think I should wait untill continuing my jouney? Should I start off really light after the decon?

Thanks for a great site with great members/H

My guess is that you have been over-training. Deteriorating EQ and losing your morning wood are usually considered signs of over-training. The fact that your EQ has started to improve and your morning wood has started to come back after stopping PE, seems to confirm that assumption.

Over-training is likely the reason why your gains have been hard to come by lately.

I recommend that you continue your break until your EQ recovers fully and then restart PE.

I second gjurob. Don’t worry about the lost length. You’ll regain that once you resume PE. The key is to resume PE at a level where you keep a reasonable EQ.

You sound like you’re ready to overdo by getting clamps and a pump and going ‘all in!’

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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