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Darker than usual

Skin became darker on half of my dick

Heads up: I’m new to PE.

I read the How-to-Jelq and Jelqing & Stretching 101 and still what I have doesn’t seem to fit..

I may have overlooked something but the skin at the end of the shaft, just before the glans, is darker than the rest. I’m roughly 6’5 BPEL (bone pressed erect length?), maybe a little more, and about half of my penis is darker when I’m erect. It’s still darker when flaccid but it appears to take over 3/4 of my penis.


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I don’t understand what jelqing has to do with this.

Anyway, almost every man’s penis, even blonds, is darker than the rest of his skin. If you’re uncircumcised the part inside the foreskin is usually lighter than the rest. It’s possible for this two-tone appearance to be more obvious when erect if the foreskin is short enough to be turned completely inside-out.

You’ve never noticed this before?

Never. I’ve even done a bit of jelqing before becoming a member here and it didn’t change colour on me. I’m also circumcised if that’s important to the possible cause, whatever it is.

And I’ll add it happened the same day. 6 hours after or so is when I noticed.

Maybe it’s a bruise. Jelqing too hard, etc. Perhaps.

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