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Darkening of the tip of penis (and darker "mole")... please help...

Darkening of the tip of penis (and darker "mole")... please help...

Hello. I think this thread should have been posted in the Injury/Treatment section but I’m not allowed to post in there yet, so here it is. Thanks in advance for taking your time and reading about my problem.

I’ve been PEing for two months with decent results. A week ago I came to the seaside of my country for my vacations. After a great day which included swimming in the sea, I started with my PE session.

First different think was that the microwave of this house heated less my gel-pack (which I use for warming up), and after realizing that the gel-pack wasn’t that hot, I just got lazy and didn’t re-warmed it, so the truth is that my warming up was not as good as usual (2 or 3 mins of a not-that-warm gel-pack).

Second different thing is that the salt of the sea water (I guess) made my penis a little dry (or rough maybe), so when I started my manual stretching routine I felt that somehow I could grip better and stretch harder my unit.

Anyway, I did my 15 mins of stretching. I found that getting to the 30 secs of stretch was sometimes a bit painful, as I really felt the stress in my glans. (I usually feel quite a stress in my glans, but I think that maybe this day the stress was a bit more than usual). I usually get one or two little “bumps” (a veeeery little yet a tad noticeable “mountain”) near the tip of the glans (in random positions they appear), which fade away 2 or 3 mins after my stretching session.

Then came the 30 mins of jelquing, warming down, etc. I haven’t noticed anything unusual yet.

Before continuing I should comment that I have some light moles in my glans, the biggest one being on the left side of the opening of the penis (this one is more of a birthmark than a mole (at least that’s what my dermatologist once said), because it is not that round, but I’ll call it a mole here nonetheless). All of them are usually light brown when my unit is flaccid, and when erect they are barely noticeable, so they aren’t that ugly for me.

Returning to my story: after some hours when I was going to bed, I went to take a leak and then I noticed something. The first thing was that the mole I have beside the opening of the penis was not light brown as usual, but almost black. Looking more carefully, a greater aproximately circular zone of maybe 1/2 of an inch in diameter with the opening of the penis in its center was a bit darker than the rest of the glans (the darkened mole is inside this bigger “darker zone with respect to the rest of the glans”).

I think that the darkening of the mole with respect to its previous color is greater than the darkening of the rest of the area that got darker with respect to the rest of the glans color, but maybe it could be just my paranoia.

The point is that I have this thing since Monday (5 days ago), and it still looks the same (I interrupted all PE activities since then, of course). I think I remember having a darkening of this fashion before, but it wasn’t that noticeable (at least not the mole darkening, that’s for sure), and it surely faded away in a day or 2 or maybe 3.

I’m seeing again my girl in 10 days and I am terrified to think she’ll see this uglyness (the now-black mole really is ugly). I’m really quite depressed indeed (also because I don’t know if this could be sort-of permanent (the darkened mole specially)).

I would like to know if you guys have experienced such a darkening of the tip of the penis? (I’ve it is not that unusual, but I’ve also read that you recover in a day or two). If so, how much *can* it take for this to heal (IF it heals)? Maybe someone experienced a permanent darkening? Is there a way to accelerate the recovery?

And more specially, does anyone have like “birthmarks” or moles in the glans? If so, does anyone of you experienced a darkening of them because of PE? If so, did it eventually lightened again? How come?

Thank you all so much…

Starting PE 11/28/04: BPEL: 6" EG: 5"

01/01/05: BPEL: 6 1/4" EG: 5 1/8"

Goal: 7 x 5.5


This is a mystery to me. Manual stretches often gave me bruising and bumpy areas around my urethra. That’s one reason I had very little patience for them. However, my bruising generally cleared up after a day or two. Five days seems too long. You may have burst a small blood vessel.

I suspect the “mole” is darker than the surrounding tissue because something in its composition causes it to absorb more blood. I suspect it will clear up over time.

You may have some luck treating the mole and surrounding tissues as you would a bruise. Take some hot baths and use gentle massage.

Various products may help with discoloration from bruising. You might try applying some arnica gel or bromelein (sp?).

You’d certainly want to adapt your exercise routine. Avoid stretches that place so much pressure on your glans. You may want to invest in a hanging device, such as a Bib Hanger/Starter or a Captain’s Wench. Even if you don’t hang, you can still get a lot of benefit from these devices because you can get a great manual stretch without applying nearly so much pressure to your glans.

Best of luck. If all else fails, try candlelight with your girl. It’s very romantic, and she’ll never notice the mole.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

7 days and still the same. I’m very depressed.

I’m trying hot baths with massages twice a day, and I read that maybe Vitamin K creams help to lighten bruises and darkened skin, but I can’t find it over here in Argentina…

Starting PE 11/28/04: BPEL: 6" EG: 5"

01/01/05: BPEL: 6 1/4" EG: 5 1/8"

Goal: 7 x 5.5

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