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Curve more pronounced after jelqing

Curve more pronounced after jelqing

My penis curves slightly toward the left, and after I jelq the curve is much more noticeable. Anyone else have this problem?

guess not…

I have a curved penis, but I did not notice a difference in the amount of curvature after jelqing. I read in a jelqing manual that there is an exercise specifically designed for removing curves. What you do is curve your penis in the opposite direction every few jelqs. In time, the curve will mend.

I did have a slight curve to the left when I first started PE. I stretch a lot, I mean a whole bunch. Every time that I get a chance, I do it. The curve is less noticable now and I think that stretching helps to get rid of it. I my opinion, it does not matter which way you stretch, I mean you should stretch different ways to stetch the whole thing, but if you just stretch straight, it will stretch the side that needs it the most, more.

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That happens to me too, but I think it starts to go away after a few months when the results are much more noticeable. Give a little to gain a lot.

Yeah my upward curve used to be more pronounced but I did the jelq against it method, lots of stretching, and even semi erect bends against it on and off for awhile, and I do notice that my erection bend straightened out much more. It is just about where I want it for hitting that g spot, (but looking moderately straight) so if I see that it keeps getting straighter .. I’m going to have to bend it out a little more. ;)

Well I have a slight curve to the right but it dosent bother me, I have seen cocks that bend in a right angle and at the end of the day I bet the ladies would love that

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I have a upwards curve, but I do not have that problem

my cock actually has more than one curve, upward curve which i actually like having… and a curve to the left that i dont care about… I dont care to get rid of the curves, i just dont wanna make em worse.

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