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Curve help


Curve help

Hey guys anyone can give me any advice on correcting curvature with jelqs , I mean such things like how many jelqs I should do a day , the more the better or the less the better ? And should I do the jelqs everyday or I should take days off ?

Personally i had no success correcting a slight curve with jelqs, am now trying an extender for a few hours every couple

of days and it seems to be more promising, only time will tell.

Maybe some of the more successfull jelqers will help.

I was under the impression that the reason the extender was invented in the first place was for correcting curvature.

I fixed mine with a pump.

Thanks! Was having a hell of a time with the grip.

And how do you fixed it neverworks69 ? Can you tell us what was your routine , and what kind of pump did you use and the cylinder , did you use cylinder which you can pack or you use a wider one which you cannot pack ? How curved was actually your curve before you fixed it I mean degreas ? Sorry for bad eng

Just a thought, but I think a slight curve is caused by always using one dominant hand during masturbation. Maybe if you switched hands (I know it’s hard lol) over time it would diminish.

I was not trying to fix my curve which was a bit like a banana side ways jacky11 but through pumping with a 9” buy 2” tube it just became straight. I would also like to mention Dr Diesel is probably right as well because I changed from right hand to left hand for masturbation at about the same time 4 odd years ago. My pumping routine was terrible when I started way to much pressure I am now in control of it and don’t go over 5Hg. I pump 5 days a week with air and 2 days a week with water, usually for around 1hr a session. I also do 300 flaccid jelqs a day 5 days a week. My dick was small in the cylinder when I bought it around 5 3/4 inch long and very thin, now I pack the cylinder nearly to the top and the sides. The cylinder is a Dr Kaplen one and the pump is a brake bleeding kit with a water trap.

I too have a slight curve and I’m pretty sure I developed it from using only my right hand masturbating. While doing side stretches I can feel ligaments on one side are longer than the other. I’m in the process of curing it with jelqing and stretching against it, but it is very hard to switch hands masturbating. My left hand can’t please me like my right, but ill have to make it please me over time.

Yeah lol bro you pack the tube 9 2 it must feel nice , but I want to ask you when did you see the improvement in your curve , before you pack the tube or you start seeing curvature improvement right when you packed the tube ? And have you made any gains with the pumping ? I mean flaccid and erect I pump from some time but I have seen almost no gains and thx for your post very encouraging for me to continue with the pump and see how my curve is goin thx nverworks69

Originally Posted by jacky11
Hey guys anyone can give me any advice on correcting curvature with jelqs , I mean such things like how many jelqs I should do a day , the more the better or the less the better ? And should I do the jelqs everyday or I should take days off ?

I think you can have an higher chance to correct the curvature using an extender and/or doing fulcrum stretches against the curve. Jelqing could worsen the curve.

What kind of curve you have? To one side? Downward? Upward? Severe?

Well my curve is not that bad it’s about 5% downward curve but it might be more than 5% or less than 5% I am not sure how to measure it but on mirror it looks like 5 % so it’s not that bad , but I just want to make it straight

It took me at least a year to correct the curve to the right Jacky11. However changing to left-hand for masturbation I think did help allot it took some time to get the same feeling doing it left handed though but now I don’t enjoy doing it right handed anymore. Unfortunately I have had no flaccid gain at all from all of my PE and I hate looking at my flaccid member. I must be a true grower not a shower unfortunately. I am currently experimenting with cock rings 24/7 to see if I can improve my tiny flaccid member.

What about erect gains neverworks69 have you gained with the pump ?

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