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Curvature issue

Curvature issue

I believe many people have (or had) some kind of curve in their penis. I have always had a penis that likes leaning toward the left side. I don’t think it’s not Peyronie’s disease just because that consists of extreme pain, bend, and it usually occurs in for older men. My penis comes out straight out for an inch, and then curves to the left, at about 45 degrees. I’ve been trying to do the plumped bend and jelqing towards the right side, but what are the best ways to improve curvature?

The best way to start is to use the search feature, top right of your screen.

regards, mgus

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You know I think curvature could be caused by how you masturbate

I use my left hand and because of the way that hand grips the unit, the penis curves that way slightly each time when I hold it and I’ve been doing it since I was 11.

So I learned that jelqing against the curve and stretching against the curve works,

But I’ll also try masturbating against the curve.

All I want for Christmas is a little EG,

and to correct curvature, which is going well.

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