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Curious, gay or not?

Originally Posted by westla90069
This reminded me of a couple interesting fetish-type activities that some hetero guys participate in which allow them to have man-to-man sex, but still call themselves straight.

Westla, I agree, even if I wouldn’t label them as completely straight (following your speech and generally speaking, after analyzing an average/common man’s whole life, maybe genuine “0” value guys could be utterly nonexistent or rare ;) )

Furthermore, if I remember well, Kinsey’s scale was conceived thinking to virtually intermediate values not only rigorous and predefined ones (so that only 0 and 6 are really fixed, and there are almost endless undertones): indeed we can have a guy positioned at e.g. 0.5, 1.2, 2.6, 3.4, 4.1, 5.8 and so on.

Answering Monument, technically, a guy who masturbate someone else (male) could have any value (maybe) less than 3 and surely always more than 0.

But we don’t necessarily have to fossilize ourselves on this topic, they are only raw numbers :P

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Originally Posted by Hog7.5

I can’t really explain what makes a person gay, but I do know what makes one straight:

Loving women, enjoying their natural aroma, salivating at the sight (and smell) of their pussy, feeling the urge to jump them when you see their voluptuous bodies, and the curves of their asses and tits. Feeling extreme pleasure when looking at their eyes during a converstion, during which -BTW- you have to make serious efforts not to kiss their mouths; or while looking at their legs and -in my case- delicate feet. Feeling the need to suck, kiss, lick,caress their breasts… 7:^)

I’m sorry I’m not a poet and have the limitations of the language (my native tongue is Spanish), to properly explain with words what a straight man experiments at the sight of a woman. But when you feel it you know what it is.:)

Hello Hog7.5,

Sounds a bit funny, but you are such a poet lolz…
Well, sorry I never smell a pussy. Love to see their bodies naked? YES I do.
Looking at their legs? I want to bite! :D Suck? feel want to suck their nipples.

Anyway, even I never had sex before, but I believe I’ll sleep with a girl, not a boy! I don’t find anything special in boy’s body.

Alright, according to what you said and what I feel, I’m sure I’m not GAY.

THIS TOPIC IS CLOSED. No more questions from me. I’ve been curious about this shit only. Thanks HOG7.5 for spending times helping me out.

Best regards,

daBoogies :boogie:

PS : The girl whom I want to have sex with the most is Hillary Duft even she’s a bit fat now! :D

I remember one kid in biology class way back in in high school. I knew he was gay….when all the kids were dissecting frogs ….this kid was openining flies…..

That was one of the lamest jokes I have ever heard.

Yes I am gay!


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