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Curious, gay or not?

Originally Posted by crueljoke
Not gay, but pretty happy


but pretty happy

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When I was younger I and a friend’s of mine have some oral sex,
Everything was started like a joke but this kind of strange affair go on for years, even if both of us have a GF
Now, we sometimes do it again…
I think I ‘m not gay at all, but it’s amazing to realize how many types of relationships are possibles between the true gay and the true straight.
I think that this kind of affair it’s tie up to our friendship and I always live it like a sexual joke.
I never looking for a man,only woman… Oh yeah, I love pussy anyway… And I love my girlfriend:D
I’m in PE for her,only to make our sexual life better and better.

I voted Bi on the pool… ;)

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Damn, another NYC member PUI. Dino, what’s up with these guys?


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Psst :-Y You wanna know who’s gay?

Give me a kiss and I’ll tell you. :kisskiss:



Originally Posted by Ziggaman
Psst :-Y You wanna know who’s gay?

Give me a kiss and I’ll tell you. :kisskiss:

How are things going now zig? You a frequent visitor once again now? :D

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Originally Posted by PEst
How are things going now zig? You a frequent visitor once again now? :D

All good PEst. Learning some harsh lessons about life and love at the moment, but I really can’t complain, I guess. How are you? (send me a PM. Let’s not take this thread of topic :) )



One thing I’ve learned on this board is that there is no diffinition of “gay” or “straight”. You might have sucked a hundred cocks and never had a piece of ass but if you say you’re straight and you think that you are straight then you are straight.

"Drunk chics dig me."

Hello folks,

OK, I can’t resist not to say something in this thread.
Well, I’m 23, but I never had sex with any girl or any guy, why? Because Cambodian culture and civilization are not too open for that and I’m sure I have mentioned about this somewhere, even sex and teenagers stuff…

But I’ve been loved by a lot of gays and girls, some are very frank, they even dared to ask me to have sex with them, but I’m always afraid, afraid of HIV even they said they will give me only blow jobs… Is it possible to get HIV contaminated if only sucking cock?

All what I said is true…

AHHH.. now I feel a lot a lot better after spreading out my secret…. Please don’t laugh at me.. I know european and american guys like you have had more than thousand of sex from 15 to your age now…

So, am I gay or straight guy? hahah… comments please ( not sarcastic comments please… :D )
Best regards,

daBoogies :boogie:

Originally Posted by daboogies
So, am I gay or straight guy? hahah… comments please ( not sarcastic comments please… :D )

What turns you on more: the thought of a naked man bent over a table, or the thought of a naked woman bent over a table?



Originally Posted by LookingForSize
I`m a lesbian, stuck in a mans body! Does that make me gay? Nothin` like a bunch of straight guys talkin` about there dick.

LookingForSize, I think many of us are “lesbian men” :p

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Originally Posted by ssg
Is there any way to find out how many members are gay? Reason;are only straight guys obsessed with bigger cocks for their women?? I wonder if it’s as important to same sex partners ?

I think every man has an improvement or enhancement’s target, no matter which sexual behaviour he follows, and no matter which body part it concerns. In this point of view, personally, I see my penis in the same way as any other body organ or muscle. BTW I’m not gay, but first it is _my_ matter of concern, and only _then_ I do it for my girlfriend.
Probably for gay members it’s just the same.
I hope to be clear enough :)

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m not :-)

Originally Posted by Hog7.5
… We -my uncle and my sister and I- especulate that the shrink manipulated his/her mind to take advantage of the situation…I saw in HBO’s “Taxi Cab Confessions” a guy with a beautiful transsexual. ..With this girl/boy he felt perfectly alright because she/he had the operation and her pussy was undistinguishable from a real pussy….


I agree with the speculation on the shrink.

I also saw that HBO’s Confessions episode. It’s interesting how the human mind manipulates data in an attempt to bridge its sexual and emotional conflicts.

Speaking of truth stranger than fiction, this past Christmas I got a greeting card from a longtime married couple/friends of mine for over 30 years. I went to college with the wife, and we’re still close today. Long story short: she wrote that her husband had decided he really was a woman trapped in a man’s body and was in process of living 24/7 as a woman at home and at work. She was conflicted over the love she has for this individual for so many years and her ability to cope with this dramatic change. For now, they are still living together, and she’s supporting him as he transitions.


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I am totally into pussy!! Can’t get enough.I have a brother who is gay and he claims he doesn’t have a choice.I disagree with that.


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