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Curious about PE

Curious about PE

Hello everyone. I apologize for some of these questions as I’m sure you hear them often, but I still feel the need to ask before I begin something like this as there are risks involved. I have a few very basic questions about these exercises. My first question is about whether or not the gains are TRULY permanent. This is not something I’m interested in doing for the next 60 years just to maintain. I just want to gain a little bit of size and then move on with my life. Wish I was born with a large member, but I wasn’t! So I’ll be happy if I can just get closer to an average size. Assuming that the gains are permanent, is it possible to only add girth without adding any length? My current measurements are 6.75”ish length x 4.53” circumference. (1.43” diameter on the girth). It’s exactly one notch short of 1.5” on a ruler (1 and 7/16ths inches). I am 100% happy with the length. It’s pretty average and I’m very comfortable with just being average. However, I am not comfortable with the girth. At best, the girth is at the very very low end of average thickness, and that’s really only if you consider standard deviation. And of course, the girth matters more than the length most of the time.

I am really only looking to gain about .15” to .25” (diameter) in girth, so I’m really not asking for much out of these exercises. I’d like to jump up at least closer to 5”, but ideally between 5” and 5.5” would be nice. There certainly wouldn’t be any harm in jumping up slightly over 7” on the length, but my only concern is the girth. This next part is also a really big deal to me as to whether or not I’m going to start a program like this. I’m not going to lie - I like my member. It think it’s near perfect looking as far as looks alone go. It has the perfect amount of veins showing, a great shape, great skin tone and color and all that stuff. It also has a very nice slight upward bend that seems to hit nice spots for the ladies, and it’s also very strong - it gets rock hard. So, my question then would be about these qualities: Am I at risk of losing any of these qualities by doing these exercises? As much as I want to get a little closer to average range on girth, I don’t want to do it if I’m going to run a high risk of ruining my penis is other ways.

I never had issues with my penis size before. I actually always thought mine was pretty averaged size (or maybe even slightly larger than average judging by the way things have been for me with the ladies). I’ve always had amazing sexual relationships with the women I’ve been with. However, due to some major life changes and lots of moving around, I haven’t been sexually active in nearly two years. I’m a relationship kind of person, so I generally don’t do one night stands, and I just haven’t met anyone in a long time. For some strange reason recently, I got curious about average penis sizes again. That’s when I started looking online and realized that my penis is actually a bit thin. This of course has destroyed my self confidence for the time being, even though I know I’m a good lover and have always made my ladies very happy in the bedroom. Even though I know (most) women care more about the man than they do about the penis, I’m still not comfortable now knowing that a woman I could be with in the future might wish I had a thicker penis even though she would love me anyways. I’d rather that not be in the back of a future girlfriend’s mind, so here I am.

Thanks in advance for any help and feedback - I appreciate everyone’s time.


PE will increase the quality of your wood rather than hurt it. Some degree of maintenance is suggested but you don’t need to keep doing hours and hours of PE every week. Once you reach you goals long term maintenance PE can be done in the shower or when you take a piss with no real time investment.

I started out with a very handsome cock as well. I was not willing to trade that for some added length. I also had the perfect banana up-curve. I was extra careful in my PE and kept my looks, proportions, curve, etc..

Your proposed goals are quite reasonable even though girth gains are trickier to come by than length gains. Start out with the same n00b PE that everyone starts with.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Definitely start with the newbie routine - whether you are going for length or not. It will help condition your unit and will probably send your EQ through the roof if it’s good already.

As for the permanency, there is a little debate about that on here. Most believe maintenance is needed on a very low level (as iamaru says). I think that light PE is good for your penile health anyway, so why not do a little jelqing a few times a week?! Once you see the results, you’ll probably be a bit addicted like the rest of us anyway.

Since you are going for girth, I will caution you to be very careful with the possibility of discoloration. I gained .375” in about 6 months. Most of that time, I had zero discoloration. Then I went for girth a bit more aggressively and changed the shade just a tint or two darker. Nothing you would normally notice, but my wife sees it when I’m flaccid and has mentioned it (it does not show when erect). I overdid it during one week when I was too aggressive and I know that’s exactly when it happened. I have managed to get it a half shade lighter now with a lightening cream (have not posted about that experiment yet) and my wife agrees it is better. Do be careful though since discoloration is probably one of the most common side effects - but don’t let this dissuade you!

Welcome to the forum, good luck and stay safe!

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

Appreciate the responses! I must admit I am still a little worried about beginning a program like this. Even if it is a little on the small side, it currently works just fine! Would hate to ‘break it’, due to these exercises. I’m also a little confused by some of the measurements people report and the pictures I see (from anywhere, not just here). I mean, I guess my unit is just proportioned to my body size so that it doesn’t seem obvious to me (I’m only about 5’8 and pretty lean), but when I look at myself (in the mirror or otherwise) with a full erection, it really doesn’t look small at all - it even looks kind of big sometimes. Even when I look at pictures of other penises (Excluding the monsters that you can tell are massive), they really don’t look that big compared to mine relative to objects like the persons hands in the picture, even though they’re much bigger than mine in measurement (mostly in girth). But when I measure, mine somehow most definitely is small’ish. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have an extra inch in girth, which apparently is far more average than what I have (I think).

Concerning permanency and upkeep: You may be right that I’ll become addicted to it like most (a similar effect occurs when people start working out and building muscle - working out becomes addictive when you see results), but I’d still like to hear a more solid yes or no as to whether you completely lose gains or not if you stop PE all together. In the event that I would stop doing PE for whatever reason in the future, it might even be worse to lose those gains and go back to a small size than it would be to ever start PE at all.

I’m still kind of weirded out by this whole size thing. I’ve been having incredible sexual relationships for about 10 years, and never once considered myself to be small down there. And somehow within the last week or so, all of the sudden I feel completely inadequate because of my girth due to coming across the statistical average. I guess 4.5” is pretty thin (a little thicker at the base, but 4.5” Mid shaft), but it never seemed like it was before now. I certainly never considered it to be thick, but I always figured it was middle of the road average, when in reality it’s bottom of the barrel average or even a little under average depending on which statistics you look at.

Back to one of my first comments in this post, which is my concern over starting a PE program in the first place due to the risks. My self confidence has never before been shot like it is now. I’d hate for that situation to worsen should I happen to accidentally injury myself somehow with this stuff! Thanks again for the previous responses.

Edit: Also, looking at the goals in my sig - is it going to be possible to gain .5” to 1” in girth without gaining much length? I’m not looking to go over 5.5” in girth at all (more realistically looking at stopping at just 5”), so if I continue to lengthen my penis, it’s just going to seem long and skinny. I really don’t think I should go over 7.5” in length, or at the absolute most, 8”, unless I would consider shooting for 6” of girth, which I don’t plan on doing. 5” might be the most girth I can get since it sounds like gaining girth is pretty tough for most people.

Current (11/06/09): 6.75" - 7" BPEL x 4.5" MSEG

Short Term Goal: 7.5" BPEL x 4.75" MSEG

Final Goal: 7.5" - 8" BPEL x 5" - 5.5" MSEG

If you stick with the basic manual exercises (jelqing and stretching) it’s quite safe. But don’t skip the rest days! I made most of my gains with the newbie routine, and since your goals are not too far off from your current size chances are good you’ll reach them without having to step up to the more advanced stuff.

If you reach your desired length you can cut down on the stretching and do only jelqing.

I don’t know how permanent gains are in general, but I took always four months off this summer. I lost some of my flaccid gains, but only very little of my erect gains.

^^ Agree completely! 100%

I have only been PE-ing for 10 months. I cannot comment on the long term permanency, but from what I have seen and read, you should go for it! Stick to manual exercises and take breaks when you feel overtrained. You’ll be fine. Do it, have fun, be safe!

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"


I don’t understand how you can say you like your dick so much and in the same post say how you feel so terribly insecure about it because of where it falls according to some statistical measure.

It sounds like your dick is fine. It’s quite possible it’s worked so well for you until now specifically because of its shape and dimensions. Who’s to say your perfect girth isn’t 4.5”?

I hate to ruin a good thing, that’s all.

Here are some things you can look forward to as you add girth to your unit, especially if you decide to go beyond the 5.25” level:

—Less oral sex
—Little to no anal sex
—Difficulty with some positions
—More difficulty delaying ejaculation
—Possibly a higher incidence of urinary tract infections in your partner

Not that it’s all bad. More girth can make sex feel a whole lot tighter. My sexual pleasure has increased as my girth has gone from 5.1” to about 6”. I don’t think it got any better for my wife, however. At one point, she actually complained that it was getting to be too much.

The other thing about adding girth is it will give you a more prominent “bulge.” This can be a good thing, if you like to advertise, but a bad thing in the event you want to keep your junk to yourself. I have quite a noticeable bulge now in some clothes, and it’s primarily on account of my girth. Sometimes I like it; sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable.

As for permanence, yes, my gains have been permanent. I’ve done no active PE for the past couple of years and I have retained at least 90% of my gains.

To keep your dick looking good, avoid clamping. It can cause severe discoloration. I think all girth exercises, which rely on increasing penile blood pressure, cause discoloration to some degree. This includes jelqing, which is the exercise of choice for gaining girth. Monitor your skin color closely as you gradually increase intensity. Mild discoloration is usually reversible. Severe discoloration usually is not, at least not without chemical peels or other exotic treatments.

I honestly think that your insecurities will disappear once you’re back in a relationship. Maybe you’d be better off focusing on finding a partner than on thickening your member? Of course, you could always do both.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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Thanks again for the responses. Modesto: I agree that getting back into a relationship would probably ease up the insecurities, but that’s not really something easily obtained at the moment. I moved to a small, boring town because I can go to school for free in this area and it’s cheap to live here while I’m going to school. There are hardly any people here that are in my age range. This is mostly an area for older folks and the younger college crowd. Once they finish school, they’ll leave to go to more exciting places in search of jobs. As a person in my late 20’s here, I’d be limited to 40 year old women who are divorced with kids (who I couldn’t currently financially support even if I wanted to date a woman like that, which I’m not really interested in doing), and mostly young adults in their early 20’s who still have a lot of growing up to do. I’d have no problem dating a 23, 24 year old woman (that’s about the youngest I’d be comfortable dating I think), but finding a mature one is pretty difficult. Listening to the kids having conversations before class periods makes me feel like I’m much older than I am, lol. I’ll be leaving here once I get done with school, so I’m not too worried about it.

But back to business: I started a routine tonight! I did the hot wrap before and after, but only did 10 minutes of jelqing - I skipped on the stretching since I’m not very concerned with length gains. I hope I didn’t overdo it with the pressure: I squeezed tightly, but hopefully not too tightly. I was hoping it would be easier to tell what would be too tight of a grip vs too light of a grip. Is jelqing alone pretty good for girth? I’d like to stick to the safest routines that offer girth results. So, stuff like clamping as Modesto mentioned are probably exercises I should avoid. Hopefully the discoloration won’t be a big issue. A very very slight amount of discoloration I could handle if I was seeing good results - sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. But I’ll definitely have to stop if it becomes severe. Also, I think I was overstating the issue of worrying about the permanence. I could see myself doing very light jelqing occasionally to maintain once I reach my goals, it’s really not as big of a deal as I thought it would be.

Thanks again for everyone’s time - and any more suggestions about safer ways of focusing on girth alone would be appreciated!

Current (11/06/09): 6.75" - 7" BPEL x 4.5" MSEG

Short Term Goal: 7.5" BPEL x 4.75" MSEG

Final Goal: 7.5" - 8" BPEL x 5" - 5.5" MSEG

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