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Cramps in bc muscle

Cramps in bc muscle

Hello everyone. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I ejaculate during masturbation it seems as though I get a minor cramp in my BC muscle. And when I pee and hold mid way for about 5 seconds I get a cramp. I do not know what is the cause of this but if anyone has an idea, I would sure love to find out. Thanks

A cramp ?! You shouldn’t get a cramp. Maybe a little uncomfortable-ness or a little tension. Maybe a UTI ?

For the time being...

… stop doing kegels and stop doing very high tension stretches; that is, if you are doing those 2 things. Rest and stretching lightly upwards (no kegeling) helped me.

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Your probably low on some minerals the question is, Do you have cramps in your legs,arms,anywhere else. If that is so you need Calcium,Magnesium,Boron and zinc.Drink some water your probably dehydrated.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

It doesn’t happen often just sometimes I get em sometimes if I kegel to hard

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