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Couple Of Questions.

Couple Of Questions.

I’m about 7 x 6 so I think im set for length, I just want a little girth maybe. I have a tiny body size, which makes me look bigger :) , Imagine what I could do with an 8.5 or 9 though :| (if thats even possible) Should I start a routine?

and I get hard really easy, but it takes me a long time to get off through sex, so I end up getting soft when we switch positions or what not, and im usually to bored by then to get it back up, which is quite embrassing, anything I can do about that ?

edit : I also notice thata lot of penis’ are “ugly” so to say :| like in porn and stuff..

Mine looks… I dunno, different, not so vainy or dirty looking :P If I start a routine is it gonna change the appearance of my cock too oor just size?

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>Should I start a routine?
Thats your choice :confused:

>but it takes me a long time to get off…anything I can do about that ?
Single partner? Is there a certain amount of monotony maybe? Maybe you start intercourse too early and more foreplay (or less) would get you hotter when you actually start intercourse. Have you tried the usual things, get your partner to shave their pubic hair, shave your’s, have sex in the kitchen, the shower, have sex with fruit, have sex when you are expecting guest and know you only have a limited amount of time (maybe leave your front door unlocked), have sex outside etc.

>If I start a routine is it gonna change the appearance of my cock too oor just size?
Especially with a girth centered routine it will make your penis more veiny.

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