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Couple of hanging questions

Couple of hanging questions

I’ve just started hanging. I’ve done it about 5 times in the last week. I don’t think I’ve felt the ligs being stretched ONCE yet, but I’m guessing this is from the skin stretch. One promising sign is that the first couple of days, I was getting a lot of stretch when hanging while standing up. Now I’m getting the same amount of stretch when I’m sitting down, so I guess that means that my skin is slowly stretching. Funny though, I didn’t think it was possible to actually stretch your skin.

I’m using a Captain’s wench. I’ve made a small modification to it. I have moved both pressure pads about half an in over(away from the end). I found that when I put on the wench, the small portion between the one pad and the end of the velcro was ending up right on my nerve bundle, so now that I’ve moved it, the end of the velcro basically touches the second pad, when in use. I’m sure none of you understood exactly what I meant lol.

As far as wrap is concerned. I can’t find the ThermaP wrap that everyone talks about so here is my wrap: I’ve cut a portion of an old hand wrap I have(used it for boxing). It seems to do the trick. Is that enough?

Also, when I wrap, I do it about an inch back from the beginning of the glans, right around the circumcision scar. That way, when I let go of it, it pushes a bit of foreskin between the wrap and my glans, which works as an effective buffer between the wench and the dorsal nerve, and also serves to help keep the wench from slipping over the head. The only thing is, if I didn’t do this, I would have extra skin, and I would actually be able to feel my ligs getting pulled lol. It’s tempting, but I’m going to try to stretch my skin for the next week or so. Just curious, does everyone experience the need for skin stretching?

Oh, one more thing to add. I’m using 5lbs and doing 3 sets of 10, 12 and 15 mins. With 10 minute breaks in between. I’m noticing the head gets a bit cool, which I’ve read is normal. It’s the slight darkening of the head that worries me, it doesn’t go really dark or anything, but there’s little patches that go a little grey. Normal colour comes back after the wench comes off. I’m wondering, what causes the darker colour? Because it looks to me like the tissue is dying. I know it’s not because my penis is actually getting harder than ever before during sex. But still, the darkening is kind of frightening. Anyone have a medical explanation behind the darkening?

Thanks and I appreciate any replies.

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You can order the TheraP homepedics wrist wrap online I know thats how I got mine, but why exactly do you need it? I dont really use mine but anyway, the only diffiernce between your wrap and the TheraP is probably comfort and that fact that you dont have magnets in your wrap which could potentially do help in some way or just do absoltuley nothing. You need to stretch skin I believe before you begin to stretch ligs, I think that is just the natural order of things but Im just a begginer. Im curious why you dont do sets of 20 min? Also slight darkening in normal for begginers. Make sure it never turns deep blue or white and really cold. I think the darkening is actually trapped blood in your member that doesnt have anywhere to go. Maybe you should wrap just a little looser and see what happens. I think its the same as if you were to cut off the circulation to the tip of your finger.

The darkening of your glans is probably caused by pressure building up in your glans. Try to tighten the hanger more so it won’t slide down causing the pressure building up in your glans.

I don’t do 20 minute sets yet because I’ve only been doing this for about a week. And I’m still trying different configurations ie: tightness of wrap, tightness of cable clamp, positioning of cable clamp, the way I wrap etc. Above all though, I think skin stretching hurts like a b****, so that’s why haha.

The way it’s going though, I can’t imaging hanging like 10 or 15lbs off of my penis. I’ll probably have to wrap a little more for that.

Piet: I already clamp the thing pretty hard. I usually get 2 or sometimes 3 clicks out of the cable clamp.(although that information is pretty useless considering everyone’s different when it comes to FG and their wrap thickness etc.). Like I clamp it really hard.

Do you guys allow that little bit of skin to bunch up between the wrap/hanger and the glans? If I pulled all the skin back, then tightened the hanger, I wouldn’t get any skin stretch, and it WOULD pull on the ligs, but it would probably hurt the sensitive skin there and maybe do some damage to the dorsal nerve.

Bpel 7" Eg 5.5" - Start Aug 25 2005 Bpel 7 3/8" Eg 5.5" - Nov 4 2005 Bpel 7 1/2" Eg 5.5" - Dec 26 2005 AKA italguy.

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