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Complete newbie to PE

Complete newbie to PE

So hey, how’s it going~?

I figure I’ll start with a bit about myself- I’m 21, single, and Caucasian. I’ve been more or less satisfied with my size since I finished puberty, but like most guys I’ve always thought “You know, I wouldn’t mind if it were a bit bigger” and so, I’ve finally started looking into doing something about it seriously.

As far as current stats, I’m currently 6.5” BPEL, 5.5” NBPEL, 5” EG.

I’m not hugely concerned about girth although I am aiming for 7” NBPEL eventually, and I figured I’d just go with any girth gains that came with it.

I’ve been lurking around here for a little while, trying to gain a bit of information before I tried anything. This is important equipment after all, I don’t want to risk damaging it :p

I figure I’ll start off easy- cut the main portion of the newbie routine in half for a week or two, then build up slowly to the full newbie routine, and then go from there. I figure I can’t be too careful. That said I do masturbate quite frequently, usually twice or more a day- I’ve been wondering whether I should lay off a bit while I’m working on it, or if it would be fine as is. I am a little uncertain as far as jelqing goes, in part because I’m uncertain about maintaining a constant erection level, or even how to quantify it so I’m working at the right level.

I think that’s about everything I can think of to say for the time being, so I’ll leave off here and see what all you guys have to say.

Welcome Tellah.

Good stats and great attitude, you can never do too much reading! There is an ongoing debate on whether masturbation effects gains and plenty of threads on it. Personally I try not to masturbate too much when I’m PEing.

Good luck with your gains.

Welcome to Thunders! Like RG said, you can never do too much reading. And there’s plenty of good info on here to keep you interested.

10/2008 BPEL= 6.5" NBPEL= 6" EG= 5"

6 month goal: NBPEL= 6.75" EG= 5.25"

Main Goal: NBPEL= 8" EG= 6"

Originally Posted by Tellah
That said I do masturbate quite frequently, usually twice or more a day- I’ve been wondering whether I should lay off a bit while I’m working on it, or if it would be fine as is.

This should answer your question about masturbation. It’s not exactly absolute truth, but it’s the closest thing we have to evidence:
The PE Survey results!

Hey Tellah!

Nice starting stats. With all honesty.. I’m gonna tell you that every exercise in the newbie routine truly works. I got my first gain just after a week of doing the said exercises and after one full month I was half an inch longer in my EL. I was really surprised and satisfied with the results. You just have to be persistent but careful at the same time.

Based on my experience, one thing I can advise you is to watch out for the nerve running on top of your shaft while jelqing. You won’t want to put too much pressure on it. Put the pressure on the sides not on top ok.. This caused me a lot of pain.. I’m in a break now for 2 weeks because I got my unit injured so bad. It was totally numb after my last jelqing session. It freaked me out so bad I thought I was never going to get the old sensitivity back. Luckily everything seems to be normal again. I just don’t want you to be in the same situation.

When it comes to masturbation.. Hmmm yeah I think it would be better if you would lay it off a bit. I am not saying completely but atleast try not to jack off when you’re having you’re routine on that day. Although not yet proven, masturbation might hinder your gains so try to get less of it. 3x a week would be great.

So there you go! Hope these things will help you in some way. Always stay motivated and good luck with you dude! I’m sure gains will be coming your way soon!

Whether or not it’s proven to affect gains or not, I think it’s common sense that masturbation fatigues your penis. Especially if you do it twice a day. Especially if you PE and masturbate on the same day. Especially if it’s at the same time. The key is that everyone is different and you need to find your own bodies limits. But I think it’d be fair to say that twice a day + PE is alot of pressure on your penis. And while it might or might not limit the gains, it might affect the amount of PE your penis is able to handle and lead to other problems like ED.

Good luck with your PE’ing. Watching the videos should help with your uncertainty with jelqing.

edit - After reading that survey, I would agree through my own experience that it’s ejaculating not masturbating that causes the penis to fatigue.

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Thanks for all the replies, eh?

I probably should have held off posting until I was less tired- I see I left out quite a few details that I should probably have mentioned. As far as what is relevant, I’m 5’11” tall, 195 lbs and average build. I’ve just started a job that gets me quite active on a daily basis, so although I am just slightly overweight, it ought not to stay that way.

I am uncircumcised. Looking back it seems pretty dumb I didn’t mention that in my first post. :P

I figure I will do some more reading before I get started on anything, in any case.

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