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Comfortable home made attatchment for Extender question

Comfortable home made attatchment for Extender question

I was wondering if anyone had any comfortable alternatives to the “noose” or “comfort strap” or “vaccum” for an attachment for an extender. I have tried all 3 and no set up has worked comfortably over a long period of time. I have read Westsidetoni came up with an alternative with baby socks or something, but I have no idea how it would be done. Does anyone have any other home made methods for strap that will allow me to wear the extender for long periods of time without discomfort?

If you could provide materials and directions I would really appreciate it.


You can buy “Protection Pad” in any sex shop, it look like silicone and will allowed you to wear your extender for 4 hours straight without removing it. In UK it cost $5

Here how it look like:…ection-pad.html

You mean you can slide this and have it just below your head? Thank God because I’ve been trying to tough out this pain!

Start Date: 8/24/09 9/24/09

BPEL = 6.5in.; 16cm / EG = 4.75in. / BPFL = 4.5in.; 11.25cm / FG = 3.75in. BPEL = 6.75in.; 16.9cm / EG = 5in. / BPFL = 4.75in.; 11.9cm / FG = 4in.

Anyone know of any US sites I can buy this from? I can just strap the noose down on this and no irritation?



Those pads rips apart pretty easily. Came 2 of those with my X4 and it barely lasted 2 weeks. I wouldn’t buy it. You could also try with 4x4 gauze pads. Worked for me. But then I jumped to the vacuum cup.

Those comofort pads are NOT comfortable. They come with Andro Penis which I have, they make the skin heaps sore very quickly. Maybe trying wearing something under them, i’m gonna try that methinks, though I can’t seem to find them… Hmm.

Diksaslippin, how long can you keep the extender on with the comfort of the ACE bandage?

Here’s a home made alternative I came up with back when I was trying to use an extender. You do need a good wrap or cushion which I found the perfect option for me being cutting up the insert that comes with a Fleshlight though a silicone sleeve should work pretty good as well. I was able to wear it for hours without any discomfort. This was all stuff I had laying around the house which everyone may not have but the idea is the same. Check out the link, has list of materials and pictures.

Mtn High - Done with extender, but a problem remains.

After reading this post a light bulb went of in my head, and what i came up with is cheap and simple idea.

1. I wrap my cock with self adhesive no pain tape (pharmacy brand) cost $2
2. Then i use a piece of 1/2 inch foam pipe insulation, “cut to about 1 inch” (by the way they come four 3 ft long foam pipes in a package) cost $5
3. I line the inside of the foam with moleskin for added comfort and i have no more pain. cost $2.50

Total cost = $9.50

I can use my extender at the minimum 2 hours with out discomfort.

Originally Posted by madduppz

Diksaslippin, how long can you keep the extender on with the comfort of the ACE bandage?

You know that cardboard tube inside a roll of toilet paper? I take a short length of Ace bandage and sew one end to the other, so it’s like that cardboard tube, but stretchable. I pull back my foreskin and put the Ace wrap on just behind the glans. I then fasten myself in to my X4 extender using their comfort strap. A couple of points. What diameter you start out with depends on shaft girth. The Ace bandage sock will stretch out after a few uses too. When fastening oneself in, keep the foreskin retracted all the way. Allow for a number of wearings so your skin & nerves can get acclimated.

How long can I keep the extender on, varies, depending on time of day.

I usually aim for 50 to 75 minutes, and then take a 10 to 20 min break, the back for another session. I don’t think I could tolerate bare skin to strap contact in wearing my extender.

Good luck.

GalloDulce and disaslippin are you guys circumcised?

I was just wondering cause I am not and can’t make the noose stay at all unless I use medical bandage or cut up sock (haven’t tried much else) directly to the skin and that hurts too much after about 40 minutes…

Originally Posted by tweek13
GalloDulce and disaslippin are you guys circumcised?

I am uncut.

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