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Home made ADS

Home made ADS

A few months ago I made a home made ADS and it’s been working well it very easy to make so I thought I would share it here, all you need is a tie and some therapy wrap (band).

1. First you cut the wrap about 13” or 33 centimeters
2. Make a noose knot or (slip knot) on the small end of the tie
3. Fold the therapy wrap in half (the long way so that it is still the same length, this will make it easier to wrap around your penis)
4. Stretch out your penis and start to wrap the therapy wrap around your penis after to second or forth wrap slip the tie in and continue wrapping then make the slip knot tight and tug on it to see if it will slip out if it is dose not slip off then your good.
5. Tie the outer end of the tie to just below you knee and make sure it’s not to tight I usually jog on the spat to see if it is to tight or not.
I hope this helps

A picture would be helpful:)

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Slipknots and penises don’t mix well.

regards, mgus

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