Cold weather shrinkage

I am sure every man has experienced cold weather shrinkage, and shrinkage caused from stress. Its been cold here, and when I came back from my walk I noticed that my penis was very cold, but no shrinkage as usual. This after sometime of doing pe. Most might think that’s good, but I was a bit concerned. Mostly thinking its not doing what is supposed to, or what it usually does. Doesn’t the shrinkage protect the penis from frostbite, or other damage caused by cold? Has pe somehow caused a lose of elasticity?

Well, the good new was that on a more extensive walk, I noticed some shrinkage, but it sure looked different from years back. It got smaller, but it was a larger shrunk unit. So I didn’t feel quite so bad. Still, does anyone know better what is going on with shrinkage, and what is the reason for it. And also maybe not to be so insecure, as the body is probably protecting itself.

Also, is there any possible benefit to shrinkage, cold and pe? Its difficult to think that it might be, but maybe there is some undiscovered benefit to cooling to its smallest, and maybe a rapid warm up? One book I read years ago about mens sexual energy suggested alternating baths between very cold water and warm water. It was to help increase circulation. And it does work, actually better than just using only warm water.