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jelqing in cold weather

jelqing in cold weather

It’s getting cold again, and this is my first go through winter season as a PEer. It can get pretty cold at times. I’m wondering how some of the guys handle the cold weather. We usually have our pants down. What do I do to keep my legs from freezing? Are leg warmers an option? As my legs get colder, I’m assuming my blood gets colder to, which makes the blood flow to the penis colder, which can’t be good.

I have no heater. Reasons are irrelavant. Also, Jelqing a cooling penis can’t be good either. I use lotion, and reapply with water every so often. My penis can gets cool at times, and I think it makes the workout less effective. Any of you guys dealt with this problem? Cold body, and cold penis from the weather.

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Do you have a bath (tub) you can sit in warm water while you PE.

In cold weather it would be inviting problems if you don’t keep things warm. If you have no means of heating it might be best to lay off the training rather than perhaps injure yourself and have an enforced lay off

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What about trying to do the exercises under the covers in bed? At least that way you’d maintain most of your heat.

I just did a search, and you can get those fan heaters for $20. It might make all the difference.…ords=fan+heater

Wear sweat pants with the crotch seam cut open.

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