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Clamping - increased expansion, no gains


If you’re talking about on your PE days, between actual clamping “sets”, that’s probably fine. When you are finished your routine for the day, or on a rest day, you probably should leave your willy alone.

This all depends on the individual, of course; myself and a number of others (see the thread Is LESS more, or is MORE more?) are easily overtrained. If we do anything extra with our dicks (except sexual intercourse, it seems), especially on days when we are supposed to rest, we may get turtling, soreness, increased difficulty getting or maintaining erections etc., all of which slow down or even reverse our gains. You may be such a person as well. Pay attention to your physiological indicators (PIs) to find the routine that’s optimum for you.

Good Gaining…

I am using a cable clamp. I don´t masturbate much, it tends to decrease the quality of clamping sessions.

I get an increasing amount of expansion during the sessions, but normally not visible afterwards, while flaccid or erect. Most people that gain girth seems to have an increased girth in flaccid state after sessions. A jelly ring seems to be a good idea. Don´t know if I can get those here in Sweden however. Until then I will do what I read about in another thread; do a few jelqs every other hour or so after a clamping session to keep the blood in there. Finally figured out how to do (dry) jelqs effectively.

There are many manual exercises for girth that people gain from. You should really make sure you are doing them well. Clamping shouldn’t last more than 3-4 minutes if you are starting clamping, and when you are experienced, you can move up to a maximum of 10! Even the best clamper out there shouldn’t go over 12 minutes of clamping.

I have not gained much from manual exercises. Probably since I was doing them wrong. I choose clamping since it seems hard to not do it right.

Now I think I found out how to do dry jelqs, so I might switch back to that or go back and forth between the two exercises.


I switched to 3*5 mins, performed on average every other day, three weeks ago. Expansion during session dropped from 1.5 cm->1.2 cm. But my EQ has increased, slightly. The expansion has also increased during these weeks, and today reached a record of 1.9 cm. Strangely I still see no gains.

I see some improved vascularity and as the expansion is steadily increasing, something must be going on. Might still be over training. Considering clamping only twice a week.

Just realized something of interest.

I have been stretching every day the last couple of months, but last two weeks I have “only” stretched 6 days a week. By chance I have clamped both days after the rest days. Both sessions have been distinctively better than normal.

My stretches only target tunica and might be the cause for the lack of girth gains and poor EQ, not the heavy clamping. Didn´t realize stretches were so heavy on the unit, I noticed straight away increased EQ after the rest.

Going back in my journal I made my only girth gains when I stretched 6 days a week.

I will test to stretch 5-6 days a week and see if I still gain as much length, otherwise I will target length until I reach 8 inches, then target girth. Could be they are more interfering than I thought.


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