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Circumcised sensitivity

Circumcised sensitivity

I am having problems cumming when with a girl and when I have a condom on I barley feel anything. I was circumcised at a young age so I won’t have the same level of sensitivity as a uncircumcised man. On my own I have no problems what so ever. Of course my girlfriend loves it because we can go on for ages and she will be brought to orgasm several times but she gets insecure and blames herself when I end up finishing sex without cumming. Is there anyway to increase sensitivity or make you cum faster?

I was circumcised as an adult. Although my glans toughened up so that it’s not irritated by clothing etc., once I had adjusted it made no difference for sex. The condom problem is, I think, more about the fact that you spend years masturbating without a condom and you get used to a level of stimulation that is ideal for you. If someone else masturbates you it never feels as good as what you can do for yourself.

Try stroking your arm on bare skin, then through a T shirt. Once you adapt the sensitivity of your arm to being stroked through the T shirt, it doesn’t feel much different. Same with the condom.

It can help if you re-set your mental stimulation level. Take a few days off masturbating etc. until you feel really desperate, then have sex with the condom on. The actual sensitivity of your penis is the same as if you had not taken a few days off other sexual activities, but you should still find it much easier to reach orgasm with the condom on.

I used to think it was going to be harder to feel much with a condom on and it was this belief that reduced the sensitivity far more than the condom itself did. Get used to cumming with the condom on by not having other stimulation between sex with your girl, and you may find that it is not because you are circumcised (plenty of circumcised guys suffer from premature ejaculation and apparent over-sensitivity). It’s just about making it as normal for you to reach orgasm through having sex with a condom as it is to masturbate.

If you wear a condom all day for a few days, you will have more sensitivity. I guess a dry one would be better.

I too have this “problem”.. It takes me about an hour of vigorous sex to cum without a condom so cumming with a condom is near impossible. But don’t look at it as a bad thing, more often than not you will be regarded as a Sex God :D
True, it does batter their ego, but it will always make her try her best to please you.. I see nothing bad in that :D nothing worse than a live blow-up doll in bed that doesn’t do anything but moan. I’ve had women ask “what’s wrong with you!” after about 45 min of humping.. I tell them that it’s them and that they just don’t do it for me, he he makes them go crazy :D

Enjoy God’s gift

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