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Change In Routine

Change In Routine

Iv now been PEing for almost 2 years. Iv changed my routine. Instead of PEing 5 times a week im now doing it with a two day gap in between. But my actual routine is more intense and a bit longer. Iv noticed no gains, but then again iv only been doing it for about a month. But my EQ is excellant, way more than before. Is this a sign of growing? Iv also noticed my flaccid size is much larger. I also have to mention that instead of using a hot wrap to cool down after jelqing im now using ice water as suggested by some experts earlier. Please let me know your thoughts on whats happening…


Hi ronnie,

If you are having good EQ then you are doing the right things. Gains will follow on but they do need to take a while. So providing you don’t go overboard on the intensity you should be making gains in a month or two.

One small point on posting though, Many, whose first language isn’t English (and it’s idioms) could be confused by your using Iv - I’ve is the way to go. Also what’s would be helpful, rather than wats.



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It is hard to give you feedback on what is happening, because you did not give enough information about your routine.
Like, Are you focusing on girth and length at the same time? Are you doing advance exercise or just the basics?

Since you said that your flaccid size is much larger, then possibly your erect gains is in the pipeline and as ‘petitfaun’ it may take a while.

Originally Posted by ronnie84

Iv now been PEing for almost 2 years.

What gains?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

My routine is as follows: 5min warm up- dip in hot water
12min intense jelqing at 60-70% errect.
3min cool down- dip in ice water.

I do this with two days rest in between. This routine began about a month ago. I have changed two things which is the rest time- earlier i was PEing every other day, and the cooldown-earler i was using hot water. I have noticed my EQ is much better- by about 30% and also flaccid hang. Furthermore my unit has stopped turtling up after PE sessions which was a common occurance before.

PS- I was 6.5inch BPEL when i started PEing in jan 08. Now I am 7.2inch BPEL. However i havent grown for about a year. I hope this new routine will change all that


I suggest you incorporate some stretching exercise to be more effective at gaining length. That is probably why you have not gained (length) for about a year.
You probably need to be a bit more aggressive with your routine, up the intensity by adding specific length targeting exercise. BTC stretch would be a good one.
Hanging is also an option that may help, provided you have adequate time and privacy. But do plenty of research before you start.

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