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Captain Wench Supplies UK


Captain Wench Supplies UK

Ok well I have got myself a cable clamp the exact kind, but I am stuck with the other supplies. As I can’t order off the internet or my mum will get suspicous how can I get myself the others I need. Any one from the UK know of any brand shops where I can get these. I have been all over the town but found nothing.

Anyhelp is greatly appreciated.

Grow up dude, get a job and apartment.

You are not a minor are you?

----- Feb 2004 - 5.0 EG x 6.0 BPEL----- Feb 2006 - 5.6 EG x 8.0 BPEL

Back after a long break. New goals, new techniques, happy to be back.

Thanks for the reply Thunder very appreciated. And to that other twat who replied you grow up I am a broke student at Uni so how can I get an appartment you idiot,I asked I normal question which I’ve seen others have had and you reply this. Everyone seems nice around here and very helpful and you have to be like this.


Calm down, or calm off mothercalmer.

T, I was thinking of posting that link but it’s mostly Internet, beyond the cable clamp.

Yeah I’ve just realised that momento I’m gonna keep looking though in my town. I’ve calmed down now and I’m sorry for that post, it’s just I’m very aggressive at the moment as I really want a bigger dick now and these products help but I can only seem to get them on the net but I know it take patience and dedication and I’m willing to give it that.

Thunder will do mate ill keep yous posted. I would like to know if anyone would know an online place for the exact nylon strap yep and dumb but I would like the right thing as I can say it’s for powerlifting/weight lifting lol.

Cheers people


Make an - bad link AFB hanger instead or ask yourself why having only just joined you are making a hanger at all. Some people don’t gain from hanging. Assuming that hanging is nirvana for length gains is maybe a bad assumption. If you are just starting out, nothing beats the Newbie Routine.

Nylon strips can be bought with or without bags attached. One guy used a mouse mat for the sides of the wench, but that’s probably too floppy, something stiffer would work better.

Dennis! I’m just hoping that You don’t get so frustrated and rip your dick off if you don’t see any progress.
I’m not sure if you are new to the forum or if you are new to PE. In case you are new to PE then id be right in assuming that clamping is for advanced PE users. If you have no PE experience, I suggest you have a word with Thunder or mem about clamping( I see you are doing that. I’m not sure if they know your PE experience)

Take it easy.


Ohh no guys I’m def not hanging just now it’s only because this is the only time ill have money and I want to invest in PE. I will not be using hanging till about my third/fourth month.

Ill look into that other one.
Just so you know if I read it right I’m not clamping mate I just bought the cable clamps in advance aswell.

Thanks people.

Don’t waste your money man, who wants to hang weights from their cock? Give the stretching and jelqing a go first, because you might not even need those things - PEing normally might be best for you, you might find after the 3 months and you might find that you wasted your money on all that other stuff!

Not speaking from experience - I joined like a day ago, and not saying that the weights and clamps etc don’t work - just fuck that lets walk before we crawl.

Haha obviously meant crawl before we walk, but you get the picture.

Did no one read my other post before thunder wrote about reading the guidelines.

I’m not interested in hanging until the 3rd or 4 month nor do I clamp just now I want my length gains before I focus on girth.

I’m taking this PE thing easy very easy as I don’t want to injure my penis so I am crawling before I walk.

Yes I may not even need the hanger if the stretching gives gains but for all the money it is and this is the only time I can afford it.

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