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Can't get a good flaccid measurement

Can't get a good flaccid measurement

I’ve been a member for a while, started doing this a while back but I really didn’t take it seriously enough. Well I want to have another go at it and I’m having a hard time determining which flaccid measurement to use as a starting point. I fluccuate a great deal with my flaccid size. Sometimes I’m hanging just normally I suppose, and other times I shrink and turtle down to the size of a four year old boy that just went swimming in the arctic. So which do I use? As far as I can tell, there are no contributing factors. For instance. I’m sitting here at work today and right now I’m turtled (seriously, if I stood up naked right now I’d look like a fourteen year old…..girl) but earlier I wasn’t. It kind of just goes back and forth throughout the day for no good reason. Anyway I’m all set to start in with the newbie routine again and I want to document everything properly this time. Any advice/ experience with this? Thanks.

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Try this: Measure your flaccid three times a week for two weeks. Add them up and divide by six. The result will be a fair statement of your average flaccid size.

We all vary. Often when we most wish we didn’t.

You ever pee in a men’s room stadium trough at a packed football game? You don’t flop meat out, you turtle.



Flop vs. Turtle

Originally Posted by avocet8
You ever pee in a men’s room stadium trough at a packed football game? You don’t flop meat out, you turtle.

That’s the most-hilarious thing I’ve heard all week. Thanks for the laugh on a Tuesday!

I agree with Avocet8. I can hang over 5” at home when nobody’s looking, but in the locker room and at the urinal, it seems like it’s barely 2”…which isn’t really a true measurment, but it feels like it! I wish I could have that great flaccid hang in the locker room. After a long workout the blood just isn’t in the old pecker, it’s everywhere else.

I empathise with you slightcurve. Mine changes size flaccid all the time so measurement is tough. I’m just going on how it looks over a period of time to see if it hangs better. I sometimes wonder if you have a good flaccid hang whether one experiences the same problems.

Hello, Slightcurve.

Consider this: bodybuilders use NO2 to ‘volumize’ their muscles. It does this by allowing muscle fibers to hold more blood, making them look bigger. The same applies for the penis, but there is a cheaper method. L-Arginine, 1000 mg vitamin C and lots of water 1/2 hour before bed. Keep well hydrated and your penile health will benefit. You will also be able to get a consistent flaccid measurement first thing in the morning after you pee.


I would suggest heating your entire body: turn on the heat in the bathroom while showering, sauna, just when you get up in the morning if you sleep with a lot of blankets, etc. I have found measuring this way to be very consistent. I would call it MFL, for max flaccid length.

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Originally Posted by slightcurve
I fluccuate a great deal with my flaccid size.

I agree with you. The worst is when it is frigid and windy outside.

I think we should just measure under similar conditions each time, like right out of the shower.

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