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Can someone explain flaccid hard?

Can someone explain flaccid hard?

Is this temporary? I don’t have it, but I have had a tight flacid before. I tried to search, but maybe i didn’t get the combo right, erect/flacid/hard/soft.

Is this just a negative pi from overtraining? Something that would go away over time? I’m searching out information for preventive reasons.

Thanks guys

It should be temporary. I know what you are getting at. A great flaccid state is plumped up and perfectly pliable. A hard or tight flaccid just isn’t.

It can well be a negative PI from overtraining. It should go away with time, and it might be wise to try and reduce the intensity of your PEing to get back to normal more quickly. I also get it from too much jerking off/ sex… should I avoid them?!? The good news… they don’t give it to me nowadays… or maybe I just use my penis less? :(

As for prevention. The more conditioned your penis becomes to your PEing, and the more sensible you are with regards to overuse or overtraining, then the less likely you are to get it. Other than that, warmth, stay hydrated, etc. are things I used to combat this state with varying levels of success.

Ok thanks that makes sense. I’ve gotten that a couple times from over masturbating, but I think I get more a plump feeling generally so to continue on!

Take a look in the injuries section if you’d like an explanation of firm flaccid/deflated glans. People seem to associate it with venous leakage, a serious and potentially irreversible condition. After I jerk it, my flaccid is a little plumper and denser, but I never confuse that with a real hard flaccid, which according to the first-hand accounts I’ve read, seems to be caused by over training.


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