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Can I have a gain in length in three weeks without rest


Can I have a gain in length in three weeks without rest

Hey I wanna ask if I can have a gain in length if I would be jelquing for straight three weeks without rest time? I am currently at five inch lenght, is it possible to increase it in in lenght within three weeks time? I am actually targetting 7 inch lenght. If it is possible, how many minutes should I jelq for a day? I’m asking this because for now, it’s our semester break and I think this is the only time would have to perform PE exercises.. Please reply ASAP. Thanks!

It is very possible to gain length in 3 weeks, many guys did. It just depends on how good you perform your jelqing and how lucky you are. You decide how many minutes you will do but I would do 15 at least.

Thanks.. I’m thinkin of having a clamp as well as accompany it with jelqing.. I just dunno if it is possible and what comes first.

Don’t go near clamping. Stick to the Newbie routine of jelqing and stretching.

You could actually gain a noticeable amount in three weeks if you have tight ligs like I did.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Before you started PEing, your penis was not at it’s full erectile quality to begin with. I state this because, in 2 weeks I went from 6.2 to 6.5.

In another 2 weeks, 6.7, my average NBPEL is 6.7,and 7.3 BPEL. So a .5 inch gain is a classic newbie gain, it’s the addictive hit of PE. When you realize enlargement is a possibility, you say to yourself, FUCK why didn’t I start sooner! Although don’t expect to keep gaining .5 a month, if that was the case wed all be hung like a stallion. Be content with every 1/4 inch you gain!

I know lots of guys will say it’s possible and I also believe it is, but.don’t stress out your unit or you’ll go through a period when you unit will refuse to cooperate because it’s tired. Even though it’s possible for such quick gains, take it easy. The best gains come from a good routine not from overwork. Just like gyming.

I've been told there a new 'confidence' in my step!!!!

100% impossible

Hey guys, thanks for that. Ill be posting my gains here some time soon.

Just to ask, is it ok to wank off after PE exercises? Is it bad or is it better to be done? Cause I dunno about you guys but after watching porn I can really help it. LOL.

PE is like lifting weights, your muscles don’t grow when they’re being stressed, they grow while they rest and recover. You shouldn’t go three weeks straight with no days off. two on one off, or even three on one off. I actually did five on, two off for a while, but even that is quite a long stretch without a break. More PE doesn’t equal more gains. It becomes redundant after while.

Why do you watch porn while PE’ing?

Maybe the guy needs to mantain erection level…

Yes. I’m doing that to main my erection level. Though, I would try not to watch anymore while PEing.

Please tell me you’re not doing erect jelqs. You shouldn’t need porn to jelq. :confused:

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