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Can I do stretches and jelq's at separate times of the day

Can I do stretches and jelq's at separate times of the day

Hello all,

I have a very simple question. I am going to begin the newbie routine soon and was wondering if I could do stretching and jelqing at separate times of the day. For example, when I get up in the morning, I would do stretches while I take a shower. Then later on in the evening I would do my jelq’s. This is more convenient for me because if I try to cram the newbie routine into one big session, it is just too long but having it in 2 sessions makes it a lot easier for me. Is there any downside to doing this? Will I see less gains if I separate the routine into 2 sessions in one day?


Go for it. I do the opposite, jelq in the morning and stretch evening, gain steady for the last 2 months.

Splitting the newbie routine into two parts is an option but will likely result in less gains. But it is still better than no PE at all. Try to do it in one setting but if that isn’t possible splitting is the best alternative.

The problem with my split routine is not only the time, but mostly because if I do jelq first, then I have problems with the stretching, my dick is too thick to be streched, and if I do stretch first, I have problem to maintain a good erection during the jelq, my dick is too tired for that.

So having Bird2’s girth routine in the morning, I let the dick heal till evening, and again, Brid2’s length routine and add 2x15 mins hanging, and let the dick heal till next morning. By this way, I believe I give my dick anough rest between the workouts.

I asked the same question awhile ago and was told by a senior member that stretching first is best in the example that it’s like a latex balloon. They are easier to blow up (in this example, jelq) after you stretch them out. Which, logically makes a great deal of sense.

Today I do what you will not so tomorrow I am able to do what you can not.

Thanks for your help guys

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