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Btc Stretch

Btc Stretch

Starting out is this a good replacment for manual stretching? How long should you sit with this stretch starting out and is it effective??

Are you still talking about doing a manual stretch — meaning one using your hands — but just stretching downward between the cheeks?

Maybe your alluding to the behind the leg stretch, or sometimes known as the manual BTC. That’s where you reach around under your leg, grab your special purpose, and pull, using the added leverage of your leg to intensify the stretch.

I thought this is where you pull your penis under your butt and then sit??

I guess its called the fowfer the lazy ass stretch what I am talkin about.

Perhaps you’re talking about a fowfer?

Sorry to spin all this terminology at you. Just need to know what you’re asking.

And if that’s the case, I think you should be doing both. Do your manual stretches, then do fowfers for another half hour or so to sort of passively continue the stretch.

Thanks for the link and the info. Is there a minimum falcid length before you start to fowfer??

Originally Posted by Marcus j
Thanks for the link and the info. Is there a minimum falcid length before you start to fowfer??

Well, no. You just have to try it and see if your peter stays put. Flaccid size isn’t so much of an issue as stretched length, because you’re stretching your penis and then tucking it under your butt, thigh or between the cheeks.

You might try wrapping it with Ace bandage, as Cap discussed first discussed here and in subsequent posts in this tread: CaptnHook - Success with ADS


I don’t know if this will be of any help to you, but I do a kind of modified fowfer, and have made excellent flaccid length gains with it. I don’t like the idea of sitting on it, so I pull it back, and once I’ve pulled it back as far as it will go, I do squats or bends. I can really feel it in the ligs when I squat. I hold it for at least 30 seconds, sometimes a minute or more. I wouldn’t have tried this during the first five or six months. And even now, I’m real careful not to grip it too close to the glans.


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