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Fowfer every one?


Fowfer every one?

Hi there Guys,

I’ve read about fowfer, and try to do it my self. This is what I’ve done. I grab my cock from front because hard to do it from back, and than I pull it and put it under my right thigh-hard to do it under my left thigh, does this would affect my cock??like bending to the right or something?. If I do it using my butt I have to push/hold my cock at the base using my free hand while the cock is under my butt, if not, my cock would retract. I’m wondering which one is the most popular one, you put it under your butt or under one of your thigh?. Are there any other way?-for flaccid gains?. I really interested in knowing do you guys do fowfer and what is your technique?. Thanks in advance for your help.

What happened here??

Hi there guys:) ,

What happened here, no one do fowfer anymore??.

Whoah, take it easy occa. A lot of guys get sidetracked but eventually answer questions.

First, what’s your BPFSL? It might not be *quite* long enough to start doing fowfers under the buttcheeks yet so you could concentrate on some gains there first. It’s possible that sticking it only to the right will bend it that way in the flaccid state after a long time, but I dont think it will affect your erect angle.

I think putting your the penis under the buttcheek rather than the thigh is more popular. I don’t want to mention Langemann or CaptnHook’s name, but some guys prefer the anal. Or, you could just try sticking it up the crack. Whatever works.

P.S. teh original

Hi there Antistar:)

Thank you very much for your reply. I really appreciated it. So did you do fowfer too? My BPFSL is 14cm or 5.7”. I also affraid if I keep stretching it to the right it might go to the right when soft. Its hard to do between the buttcheeks. What is your measurement and your routine?. Thanks for your reply.

Sounds vulgar to me :-(

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Occa the shocka,

I used to fowfer all the time. Now, not so much. My bpfsl is 7.7 inches. I don’t have a real “fowfer routine” I just do it whenever I’m in the mood for it. For now, concentrate on getting a longer shaft. Period.

I’ve been finding that fowfering with some wrap on my dick helps get a better stretch. The added rigidity along the shaft stretches the ligs better; the wrap helps the dick stay tucked in place; and the wrap cushions the dick so it doesn’t get irritated while getting mashed into your chair.

I honestly think Fowfers have helped my flaccid length more than anything else I’ve tried, and I have tried everything. The good thing about Fowfers is you can and should do them everywhere. Let’s put it this way, if you want flaccid length, every time you sit down, somewhere in private, you should be sitting on your dick. Even if people are around it is fairly easy to tuck when they leave the room or look the other way, especially at work. I’ve gotten really good at it. I mean you don’t have to stand up drop your pants and reach around behind your butt and grab your dick and pull it through your legs. This is the ideal way to do it when you are alone, but of course this is not always possible. You can actually push your dick into your butt crack from the front even faking the adjustment as scratching your thigh if God forbid you are caught in the act. Wear baggy trousers with no underwear makes it easier. A little tough to do in jeans. In fact if your flaccid length is as short as mine was before starting PE you won’t be able to grab it from behind anyway. I also agree with the above post wearing a traction wrap will help. The wrap will help keep you tucked and the padding will protect the urethra a little. Also putting your dick right in the center of the crack is better than the thigh or buttock, because the crack makes a little trough that holds you without crushing or cutting off circulation. I have come up with a kind of Fowfer wrap, PM me if you want details.


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Fowfers have got to be the easiest PE exercise in the bag. I slip into fowfers almost subconsciously every time I sit down at the computer now. Sometimes I feel a slight burn after fowfering for too long and can’t even remember setting it up. Anyways, I give fowfers a big thumbs up. :thumbs:

Another option you might want to check out is a BTC ADS device. Here’s one Chicken Choker wrote about. I never had a chance to assemble one myself, but it seems like it would work.

Fowfers are giving my flaccid length a good boost also. I hope it continues but if my erect length doesn’t keep pace I wonder if my flaccid length might eventually become about equal to my erect length. That’s fine with me but some women could be disapointed with a guy ,if they use bulge watching as a sign to land a long one, if it doesn’t get any longer during an erection.

Originally posted by Ike

the wrap cushions the dick so it doesn't get irritated while getting mashed into your chair.


Originally posted by beenthere

Fowfers are giving my flaccid length a good boost also. I hope it continues but if my erect length doesn't keep pace I wonder if my flaccid length might eventually become about equal to my erect length. That's fine with me but some women could be disapointed with a guy ,if they use bulge watching as a sign to land a long one, if it doesn't get any longer during an erection.

Fowfers may predominantly help flaccid length, but they also have to help erect length too (albeit, perhaps not at the same ratio, but some help nonetheless). Why do so many guys think fowfers won’t help erect length? The fowfer is, above all, a prolonged static stretch. If stretching won’t help erect length, what will?

I also believe it should help with erect length, it’s just that my flaccid has taken much more of a jump than my erect since doing fowfers. That is probably natural at first with fowfers, and besides, I have gained a bit in erect length since doing fowfers. I’m counting on it to help with erect length also but the thought of my flaccid catching up with my erect has crossed my mind if my erect gains don’t keep pace with my flaccid even if I’m gaining erect. I have also wondered why fowfer is just thought of for flaccid.

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Hi there guys:) ,
Hi there Antistar, thanks for your reply man.

Erm, why vulgar??

Thank you to you too IKE, what kind of wrap did you mean?

stevie31, do you think is it ok to do fowfer even in off days??.
To beenthere and wadzilla thank you very much for the reponds.

Wad and beenthere,

Most guys consider them good for flaccid and not very effective for erect because those are the results Fow got from them.

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