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Bruises, burst blood vessels

Bruises, burst blood vessels

So I have a pretty big problem with this. I noticed it about a month ago on the (red dots) and a little bruise underneath. I took off about a month, and pretty much started again tonight. It looked like the bruising/red dots were mostly gone when I started back, but now after a light session, the bruises, and dots cover much more area of my penis. Anything I can do if I already took a month off?

From what you say, I can olny imagine you were pretty rough with your early exercises, and have done severe injury.

It probably means more rest, But when you restart just try simply light massaging it without any real power. Probably every two or three days to start with . You will have to judge how much to gradually increase the massaging power but careful increase must be the routine.

Hope that helps.

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In my experience this isn’t really a problem if it only happens periodically. Use the Firegoat Roll to combat discoloration and those minor spots aren’t really dangerous, at worst a slightly negative PI. It’s the bigger bruises and damaged capillaries that you need to watch because once those happen you have a more or less permanent structural weakness (in my experience anyway) that necessitates that you go pretty easy for most of the time. I have a bruise on the underside of my dick that I have had in various shapes and shades since a stupid pumping thing over 12 years ago. It fades relatively well when I don’t do any active PE but as soon as I start up it “wakes up” again.

My advice is to reconsider your goals and the routine you’ve set up to reach them. There are usually workarounds if you can’t use certain exercises.

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Yeah it seems as though I have the more sever bruising? Do you think this will ultimately hinder my ability to gain? I almost looked at it like it could be a good thing because, it at least pointed me in the direction that I needed a ton of rest and that it probably had something to do with why I didnt gain in the last two-three months.

BTW what is this firegoat roll? Thanks for the replies guys!

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