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has anyone tried niacin for dilateing the blood vessels during a girth routine!

has anyone tried niacin for dilateing the blood vessels during a girth routine!

well i know yohimbe dilates the blood vessels in the penis , but i cant use this supp because it affects my nervous system. so im gonna give niacin a try, wich is used for dilateing blood vessels throughout the body among other things! has anyone else tried useing since if so what dose have you tried!


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I have not noticed much in the area of erections. However, I believe it is more of a maintanance thing. For me anyway I am interested in overall long term penile fitness. Niacin, Zinc and Arginine are essential along with your basic multi-vitamins and minerals and avoiding smoking and excess alchohol.

I have not tried too much Niacin though because it causes a real flushing effect for me. After I finish this bottle I have I will get the flush-free type and be able to take more, but for now if I take more than 100 mg then I get really hot, red and itchy (very uncomfortable). It only lasts about 30 minutes but it turns me beet red.

So get the flush free type (I think the minimum is 500 mg but you can cut them in half if you like. Maybe if you take a bunch you might notice something, but I sort of doubt it will be noticable.


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