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Brian's introduction

Brian's introduction

Hey guys, it’s me Brian I’m making my second post on this forum (the first one was about erections, read it: Jelqing and erections (:) and I’m so glad that I was able to register. Before I couldn’t watch the PE videos and all I could do was read instructions and posts =/.

Well I decided to put a story about myself and why I started PE. Recently I’ve been going down to the YMCA to get a little swimming in and this means that I have to take showers in the locker room. When I look around I can see that all the old guys (that don’t have their pants on) are more fully hung than I am :( . In addition I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me If I have a small penis (well only about 3, but that still feels like a lot), I wouldn’t say it was small but I still want to know deep inside that my member is on par or even bigger than your average dude, heck if I get big if anyone asks me that question I can just whip out my bad boy on the spot and shut them up -_^. Right now my measurements are about 4-4.5 inches if I don’t push the fat on my pelvis away, if I do push the fat away to reveal that hidden penis (haha) and measure like that then it’s about ~5.5 inches.

I hope I can get some good sturdy gains, at the moment I’m shooting for 6 inches, if it works then I’ll go for 7 :)

Well here goes nothing.

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Welcome to TP! Tell those nosy bastards to fly the coop. It is none of their business what you have. I would seriously question someones mental state if they asked me a personal question like that and expected a serious answer. Well your among fellow dick pullers here and friends that often felt the same. Read as much material you can digest and go from there. I recommend the newbie routine for starters.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Hello brian. Do the newbie routine and likely your penis will grow. About those curious guys, answer them :”I’ m a grower, not a shower - ask to your wife/sister/mom if yu don’t believe”.

I’m also new and am looking forward to reaching my goals. Hang in there and we’ll all get good sturdy gains.

Yeah.. I starting the newbie routine too. Not doing very well. Hai


I edited your post so that when you said “Hey guys, it’s me Brian I’m making my second post on this forum (the first one was about erections, read it”, a link to that first post followed, to make it convenient for people to do so.

If you are 4 - 4.5 inches flaccid NBP, you are above average.

You might find this to be of interest:

Penis Size: The True Average

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Originally Posted by desolation
Yeah.. I starting the newbie routine too. Not doing very well. Hai

It’s been only a short time since we started (Sept 2008) and you’re not doing
Very well? Whats not working for you? Maybe some of the senior guys can
Give you some advice and in turn help all of us newbies.

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