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BPEL but no NBPEL gains - similar experiences?

BPEL but no NBPEL gains - similar experiences?

I’ve been doing J123’s New Newbie Routine for two months, and have gained 0.25” of BPEL. I haven’t gained one bit of NBPEL however, and I was wondering how many people here have experienced this, and what happens as you continue to gain. My skin is not tight (not circumcised), and I measure higher up on the pelvic mound than the attachment point of the penis, so that the slope at the attachment point doesn’t take away from the full length. I’m sure about the gain, because I measured several separate times around the time I started, and several separate times recently. I’ve also been pressing the ruler into the same spot on the pubic bone.

Am I some anomaly then or what? No-one knows what’s up?

There can always be some factor affecting NBPEL.
I measure BPEL and NBPEL and although BPEL can make a gain I don’t get the same gain on NBPEL.

I attribute this to many different reasons.
1: Water in skin. Change in skin thickness changes measurement
2: Erection hardness. Slight change in erection that I don’t notice.
3: Measuring consistency. I always try to measure the same way every time but there’s always a slight margin for human error.

Whatever the case it’s happened to others and not an cause for concern so keep on pulling :)

Short-Term Goal: 6.25" EG by 9/1/14

"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

Long-Term Goal: 10.25" BPEL and 6.5" EG ?

I’ve made BPEL gains but no NBPEL gains.

I’ve gained about 1.2 cm in BPEL, but to be honest, NBPEL is the real measurement (IMO).

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You’re obviously getting fatter.

Starting size: 7"x5.25" bp

Current size: 7.25"x5.875" bp

Goal size: 8.75"x6" bp

Originally Posted by Revolution
You’re obviously getting fatter.

LOL. I forgot that as a reason as well.
My fatpad jumped from .5 to .6 and I guess weight gain is a possibility.

Short-Term Goal: 6.25" EG by 9/1/14

"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

Long-Term Goal: 10.25" BPEL and 6.5" EG ?

Originally Posted by quik4life
I’ve gained about 1.2 cm in BPEL, but to be honest, NBPEL is the real measurement (IMO).

I agree; it would be nice to know how far behind the NBPEL gains usually are.

Revolution: If anything, I’ve lost weight.

Actually, awhile back I read a post here in which the argument was made by a few that some never really gain any nbpel from stretching/hanging, what happens is the exit point at which the penis actually comes out of your body becomes lowered, while the positioning of your pubic bone remains in place.

Making it possible for the ruler to be jabbed further and further into the pubic bone as the exit point is lowered. If you look at the illustration I attached you will see that how the pubic bone is diagonal to the surface of the skin, and it becomes obvious how false gains can be shown through bpel.

It’s not my brain child,however, I have seen countless members ask that same question you have and I have come to believe this theory as true.

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Starting: (2/1/06) (nbpel=7.8) (bpel=8.15) (eg=5 3/16)

06/29/07: (nbpel=8 1/2) (bpel=9) (mid eg=6) (base eg 6.25)

Comparison Pictures, 8in to 9in= My Comparison Pic thread.

What about if it definitely looks longer when stretched however, regardless of bp measurements?

Was: 24/11/06: BPSFL: 7" BPEL: 6.5" EL: 6" EG: 5.5". Current: 01/12/06: BPSFL 7.5" BPEL: 7" EL: 6.5": EG: 5.5". Goal: 9x7 or bigger and I will do it.

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