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I have noticed that some people’s NBPEL stays the same while their BPEL goes up.. How is this possible.. And if the NBPEL does not go up.. Whats the point? Maybe I don’t really understand what this means?

It’s possible that those folks gained enough weight that their fat pad increased. We can’t say for sure. Also, I recall a post not too long ago where an individual mentioned how his fat pad can distort a little, and if he presses hard enough while having sex, he can still bottom out, even if his NBPEL was not enough for him to do it. The other thing to keep in mind is that even in the length doesn’t change, the girth gains can add a completely new dimension to sex, pun intended. You’re still new, (so am I for that matter, all things considered), and this likely might not be an issue for you. I suggest not worrying about it until you’ve gone through a couple of months. If your NBPEL stays static while your BPEL increase, revisit the issue. Good luck, by the way.

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