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Best warmup routine

Best warmup routine

Get a plastic bowl that can curve, and fill it with the desired temperature of water, then just let your dick sit in it.

Also I’d appreciate an answer to my other post about trembling while jelling

Actually maybe you want to avoid plastic b/c of chemicals and shit. I just found a small 3-4 inch ceramic bowl that I found I can just fill with water then press up to my groin and the water stays in

I have a Bathmate. I just fill it with hot water and let my dick soak in there without pumping to any kind of significant vacuum. Like, maybe just give it one pump to form a seal, and then wait, possibly while kegeling for five minutes or so.

Sounds good

I’ve been noticing that a decent warmup really seems to make a big difference. Before, there was a certain difficulty with getting the right amount of erection, and then the rhythm of trying to do it without optimal arousal

But it’s much easier to get that w/ a good warmup. I’m noticing smaller veins, like just the smallest ridge, appear while jelling on the surface of the penis, and I’m also noticing it has a different texture altogether, it’s very soft and supple, like silk or whatever. And the hand moves across it without any difficulty

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