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best type of ads after using an extender

best type of ads after using an extender

Hi guys,

I have been using my gold stretcher from Le Luv for over a month now.
It seems to be working pretty good so far. I use the tape so it doesnt hurt
as bad. I have been trying to use an ads thats pretty firm but not too heavy.
I used the auto ads from MB the one with the silicone head and it seemed
to be too much on the head. So I was thinking about maybe trying one
of Monty’s weights. I would like to hear some ideas on what works.


Sorry, I don’t have an answer to your question. What do you mean by “gold stretcher?”

Its just one that slides rather than having springs. I just started using

mb’s weights


Is a slider better than springs? How?

more tension


I have been getting by with fowfers.

2018 natural size: 7.25” x 6.75”

2028 goal size: 10.25” x 7.25”

Plan: thousands of hours in the X4 extender + manual stretches

I have also been using my VacExtender mod kit as an ADS. I attach fishing weights to the hook on the cap. I have been using 16 oz without a problem. I tried 24 oz and the tip of my glans became slightly bruised.

yes I use the fish weight too with 16 oz and the cloth croakie


Yeah I was thinking that too after reading stuff.

I was just gonna use my cloth croakie and ad a 16 ounce

fishing weight to it or less maybe. That vacuum

may crush your head after a while it seems for some people at least


Finally a post I can contribute too amongst some of these other pointless blatherings. Anyway, I used a stretcher like yours until I purchased something called an ESL40 from this dude on EBAY. I HIGHLY recommend this device for length gains. I haven’t seen any changes in EQ or Girth, but I have gained about 1/4 inch in a month of wearing it. This is the most COMFORTABLE thing I have ever worn. Check it out! GL buddy!

I love my life

Thanks fuzzy for sharing I will look that up. I do seem like im doing fine with the stretcher so far.

I guess there is more than one way to skin a cat.


Originally Posted by joe_smith
Just wrap it in a nice soft strip of cloth. Stay away from vacuum extenders and ads. The only injuries I have ever sustained in my 10 year or so PE career were from those types of vacuum devices.

Joe did you get injured from the vacuum products or ads in general?
Also what type of cloth wrap is best to use for ads?



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