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Best Jelq method.side or top-bottom

Best Jelq method.side or top-bottom

Hi all,

I have read the newbie section on jelqing etc. But I am still confused as everyone seems to have a different method/opinion on what works..

My question is: What method works for you?

I am not very big and so cannot do the overhand technique very well, so I am stuck between a normal jelq method starting from the base and ending at the shaft.
At first, I was jelqing with an ok grip at the base and forcing blood up from the bottom and the top penis. I then read somewhere this was not a good thing to do and to jelq with hitting the sides of your penis? So with that I understood you had to just use the force on the sides of Ur penis and not the bottom/top..

I feel I got more intensity from the first method than the second and could fit in more reps as it was not as hard to do as the second version. However, I do not want to cause myself an injury..

Nothing seems to be clear-cut so any help will be appreciated.

I never got the “from the sides” thing. I always do an OK grip, overhand or underhand. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to do the overhand technique regardless of size. Can you explain what you are trying to do?

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I like jelqing from the sides. I perform the “pinching a grape” method to it. Just take your pointer finger and thumb and pick up a grape, The U shape that you make with your hand fits on the top of your dick. It is almost like an open ended overhand grip. Hope this helps.

Hi there I had dealt with the same issue when I started. I have currently gained alittle over.25 in length and girth in alittle over 3 months, I get the best expansion and stretch from using over and under had ok grips I could not ever figure put the pinch method of jelqing. I have heard the pinching the sides works but not in my experience. When you read about people saying focus on the sides the reason you do that’s is because you want to focus in on the cc and not put too much pressure on the nerves on the top of your penis as long as you are aware not to put too much pressure on the top side (dorsal nerve) you should be fine with any way you do it. When you first start PE alot of it is experimentation and finding what your body responds to and what it does not. If you are getting a good stretch and you notice good exposition just stick with that for a while and see where it takes you, if you find things to tweak your routine, that help that’s great. Hope this helped alittle keep us updated.


I do a mix of both - U grip or V grip for sides. Ok grip too. My dick actually gets very full from the side jelqing.

OK grip you need to be careful to stop an inch or more below your glans, as there are nerves there you want to avoid.

Overhand method is the way to, but just like sta-k had said - I like to mix it up. However, in my variety, I do use the overhand method most of the time.

Yep. Very personal. What works for you might not work for me. I’d just close my eyes and see what feels like it’s doing the better job at expanding the tissues. Personally I like the underhand ‘ok’ grip with a 90 degree bend in my finger knuckle to form a groove for my urethra.. Plus it seems to hit the CC’s more. Find what feels right and use it till you plateau then change it up!

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Another thing, dont forget to pull :)

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Thanks for the responses guys, really appreciated.

To be honest, I am going to have to learn about Jelqing again because when I first heard about it, another site showed me to do it differently - An OK grip at the base and quick movement to the shaft, than repeat using each hand alternatively, not the slow approach. As I discovered this site, there have been many variations on Jelqing and the slow ‘5 sec’ method seems to work the best.
Well, I have been trying to do the 5 sec method but it seems I got more of a “fuller” feeling from the quick method, probably because I could fit in more reps?

Originally Posted by AvgGuyUSA
I never got the “from the sides” thing. I always do an OK grip, overhand or underhand. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to do the overhand technique regardless of size. Can you explain what you are trying to do?

Maybe my technique is wrong, because I managed to cut my skin slightly at the top (before shaft)..
A simple OK grip, milking from base to shaft in quick reps using each hand using Vaseline.

Also I have tried the 40% flaccid jelq as opposed to the 70% jelq and found the latter better as it forced more blood up to the head.but than people on here say that it needs to be 40% or around that as it stimulates growth more. This is where confusion comes in.

Another thing that puzzles me, is when I measure my penis, I seem to get different measurements from both the right side and left side. My penis hangs to the left so when I measure from the right I have to “straighten” it out. My penis is a 5.3” this way BUT when I measure it on the left, it is only 4.3” loll - anyone else have this problem? —- I make sure the ruler touches the base of the penis and do not cheat my size.

Guess I will look into more techniques and such but with so many variations and different methods working for different people it seems like a long old journey to find the right one for me :p

You have to put most of pressure on the sides, because putting too much pressure on the ventral side can harm the urethra.

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