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Best Girth Excersize

Best Girth Excersize

New to PE 2 weeks in YAY lol already loving the program.

I was wondering what you you guys think is the best girth increasing excersize. I’ve seen a few but don’t quite understand them hah, guess thats the thing with being New. But any help would be most helpful THANKS

There are a few good girth excercises that you will be learning BUT you need to just stick to the newbie routine for the first few months. If you get ahead of yourself, you can really hurt the old wanger and then you will be taking some time off. So, don’t go too fast and walk before you run. OK?

It will all come in the right time if you are patient and consistant.

BTW, jelqing is excellent for girth and that is in your routine at this point.

So, Jelq away my friend…….


Yes, jelq. When you are through the newbie routine and your dick is tougher, then we’ll talk. There are lots of ways to faten up that wanger.

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No Nukes

Just remember. Patience and Consistancy. That is what it takes.

Hey Big Girtha,

You and I have the exact same goal and both are not to far from it.

Isn’t it going to be nice at that spec?

Yeah Baby!

Yeah thanks guys. I know I don’t really have to worry about the more advanced stuff I just wanna learn bout it before hand I don’t something I do. Yeah I’ve been with the newbie routine for about 2 weeks and I already love the results, not much but I have increased in flaccid a bit not much but enough to keep me into it haha. Thanks

Good luck to you guys too with your goals

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