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Beginner questions on jelqs, stretches

Beginner questions on jelqs, stretches

Hey guys

It’s been almost two weeks since I started and I’ve already started to see results, which makes me really excited - mainly adding 10mm of BPFSL and 3mm of both BPEL and EG in the first 10 days - and I’ve already settled into a nice little routine each day across the week. Seeing such early signs of progress, and the great feeling from seeing a considerably larger penis after my workout is making PE a really enjoyable activity.

However! I am a greedy man. I’ve read it mentioned plenty of times around the forums to stick with one routine that works until the gains stop, and then to move from there - while I also realise that every man is different and for some more is more and others less is more, I’m a great believer in optimisation so that efficiency is maximised. I want to make sure I’m getting it right, especially as a beginner, so that I don’t look back a few months down the line and say “Damn, if only I had known that back then”.

The really awkward thing for me at the moment is the jelq. I have issues maintaining erection during jelqing, often going to 0% halfway through the routine, leading me to re-warm and stimulate a bit to get back to the 40% mark before continuing with the exercise. My question is this - how much ‘strain’ should I expect to feel during strokes? Should I feel the pressure increase accompanied with (extremely) mild discomfort in the glans towards the end of a stroke, or should I feel nothing at all? Again, every man is different, but I’d like to have an idea which of the two extremes most people get positive results from. In the last couple of days, I’ve been applying just enough pressure to avoid red spots, maybe seeing a couple by the end of the exercise. Since beginning I have also had one tiny bruise (3mm across) appear on my shaft which has since disappeared. I have had a very very slight donut effect too, which has always dissipated within an hour at most.

As far as stretches go, I’ve had relatively more experience with them than jelqs, so I know the feeling much more at this point in time. Is stretching for 5-10-15 mins per day enough? I realise that as a beginner I’m still loosening up a lot of tissues, but with my experience in foreskin restoration, this is the kind of thing that wants constant gentle tension to achieve best results. Does the same principle apply in PE? Should I consider doing 5-10 mins in the morning and 5-10 mins in the evening? How fast can one expect to recover from the exercises to benefit from more than one session in the day?

It’s tough to search for specific answers to these questions given so many keywords appear in gigantic threads that don’t really address my particular concerns. The major threads on Jelqing make almost no mention of pressure, and while stretch threads are a little more helpful, there’s very little comparison between different techniques, like manual vs. Hanger vs. Stretcher. Some of it is bound to be down to preference, but I’ve always felt that in any task, one method will beat the others and I want to find what that is for different situations. Best tool for the job is the right tool for the job kind of thing.

Ramble over

Earliest reliable measurement (2015-06-15): 168mm (6.61") BPEL, no reliable EG measurement

Current (2015-06-23): 176mm (6.93'') BPEL, 110mm (4.33'') EG - Progress Thread

Target: 195mm (7.68'') BPEL, 125mm (4.92'') EG

A simple swelling of the glans at the end of each stroke is sufficient. Keep doing what your doing as long as you’re gaining.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

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