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Warmup, stretches, and jelqs in the shower

Warmup, stretches, and jelqs in the shower

Is it ok to use shower water to warm up the penis? I guess soap is not supposed to be lubricant. Is that because it’s not very slippery?

If your routine is short you can use the shower water to warmup, however do set the water temperature at the maximum heat you can handle (hotter is better).

As for using soap as a lubricant, I believe it’s bad for your skin (detergents). Just buy some regular massage-oil and use that. If anyone complains or comments on it, say that it is meant to soften your skin.

If you set the water to high you will definitely burn yourself. Then you won’t be able to PE for a while.

Make sure the watter is a little bit warmer then usual. Keep your penis under the water while you very lightly jelq and stretch. I must emphasize on the very lightly part. If you do it to hard you may cause injury so once again keep it light.

Do that for about seven minutes and you should be good to go for your routine.

I also jelq in the shower some times I warm up with a hot wash cloth some times not . I use “Kiss My Face Shower Gel & Foaming Bath, Peaceful Patchouli” as a lube it has an old hippy smell and lasts me for 200 jelques or more. Also makes my unit smell good. I get it at Drugstore . Com Happy tugging.

The Older The Fiddle The Sweeter The Tune

Yeah, for lube, bar soap is going to dry you out in a hurry. If you use a half decent moisturizing body wash, you can probably work that into your routine. And I’ve found that shaving gel works as a fine lube too. Only draw back is that it gets foamy and obstructs your view.

I warm up and do stretching in the shower, then I dry off and do some v-stretches. followed by Jelqing.

Start bpel 5" girth 5"

Now bpel 6 3/4 girth 5 5/8

Thanks a lot guys!

Bar soap is infact very slippery and would be great except for the burning urethra, if you’ve ever gotten any soap in your pee hole then you know what I am talking about. I always warm up in the shower, sometimes I do my entire routine in there.

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