Bathmate and Hair Ties

Hello everyone. I was initially on PEgym, but was told that ThundersPlace was the OG website and decided to also lurk here for knowledge and experience.


I searched already about cock rings AFTER bathmate, and some members discussing why cock rings when using the bathmate would be counterproductive.

However, I initially got a hair tie to tie back my scrotum while pumping, and I got the idea of just double-wrapping it round my member, getting to a 60-70% erection level, and pumping with it on.

When I removed it after 5-7 minutes.. I almost didn’t recognize it; it was swollen beyond what I expected.

My question:

Is this a PI telling me that this method is effective for my member? Should I continue it?

Thanks in advance for the advice. I look forward to growing and taking my PE seriously :)