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Pumping with an ingrown hair

Pumping with an ingrown hair

Has any of you ever noticed pumping has an effect on an ingrown hair? Been trying to use hot compresses to get rid of a nasty one I have. It seems like the ingrown is extra painful after pumping, and less sort of drawn up into a tight little bump. Wondering if I should not pump until it heals. Probably should mention when I pump I use a Bathmate. Wondering if hot water and vacuum somehow counteracts the hot water compresses. I hate ingrown hairs.

I really have no idea if it is harmful or not, but your own observation that the pumping aggravates it would seem to suggest it’s not a good idea. I always try to get a needle under it and pry it up and outta there. They can grow pretty long underneath the skin if you leave them too long.

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Yeah, kinda what I’ve been doing. I think today is my third day off. And I haven’t had much luck getting it to pop up with a needle. Really cannot see it. Frustrating. I get a little pus, and a little water, but no real relief.

A cold compress might work to remove a bit of swelling which might help you see what’s going on to actually remove the hair in question.

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Hmm, I usually go with hot, it usually “draws” everything together into a nice big whitehead I can pop. I’m going to try to shine a flashlight through the skin and see if I cant spot the little fucker.

Son of a bitch. That didn’t work either. I was sure I was on to something there.

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I had the same issue and had to have my wife get it with a pair of tweezers. I couldn’t see it but she was able to get her eyes closer than I could :)

I’ve had my fair share of ingrown hairs and a boil or two, as of now I’m dealing with a ton of razor bumps.

It could have been from bacteria seeping into the pore after you shaved and the added pressure against the whitehead pushes more on the nerve, or simply a mangled and tangled growing hair…. either way your best bet it to take care of the pimple first and open the pore then get that sucker out later. I always use hot compresses on the pimples or infected cists to soften the skin and relax the pore before sanitizing with peroxide and attempting to squeeze it just slighty, which I might add doctors highly dissapprove of. You risk catching various strep infections, MRSAA, flesh eating bacteria without the catalyst, yada yada yada, just wash it well and sanitize it or else. Still I have to warn you that it’s best to just get it started and treat the pus with peroxide that squeeze it out completely because you actually push it in both directions in and out doing that. From there on it’s just a matter or treating it a couple times a day.

*note do not use neosporan or anything with vasceline unless you want to cap it off and make it grow bigger and bigger!*

Next time you shave make sure you wash it very well, and after your done rub an ice cube around the area to help seal the pores from infection. Then keep it dry for about an hour after, use talcum powder if you must.

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Hello gprent,

I am using a mustang pump with a universal silicone penis pump sleeve (I am NOT advertising this product just providing a link:…=item4154f86972

It fits on the rim of the cylinder.

I have been pumping with a 2.25 inch x 10 inch cylinder at 4 Hg for minute sets of 15,5 for a week now. I also clamp with a medium plastic grey cable clamp for minute sets of 15,15,15,15,15 with 5 minute heat rests between sets.
So far I have not gotten any length gains from the pumping only girth gains (which are good but length gains are my aim with the pump). EQ is quite good.
The pump sleeve changes the vacuum as it grips the base of the penis so the seal is between the penis base and the cylinder (I think) and not between the small ring of skin surrounding the penis and the cylinder.

My question is: Does this pump sleeve make the vacuum applied to the penis less efficient? Would you use it?


Your post is more suitable as a PM to gprent or a new thread. This thread is to answer questions about pumping with an ungrown hair. In the future please read the OP before hijacking to answer your own questions.

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