Back into PE

Hello All!

I used to PE about 4 years ago while I was going through a divorce for about 6 months for self esteem reasons. I was impressed with what it did for me not only emotionally, but physically as well. I gave it up due to lack of time after about 9 months or so.
I am now 36 years old and am getting very serious about prostate health and whatnot. I came across this site about a week ago from searching about exercise and prostate health. So far I have lurked and tried the newbie routine 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off.
I must say I am totally impressed at the world of support the members here offer to one another from the threads I have read. I am hooked.
I discussed this site and what I have found here, as well as my own reasons for doing PE with my current girlfriend of 3 years now. She is supporting me 100% on this, she sees that it benefits both of us in the long run. I am so lucky.
Anyway, only after a week of the newbie routine the g/f has noticed a significant difference, she says I feel like there is more of I am really excited. I noticed a difference too in my erection, a little thicker, more vascular.
My one week measurements are as follows (forgive me for not abbreviating)
Flaccid Length 4.5” Girth at base 4”
Erect length 6.25” Girth at base 5.75”

I have modified the routine also (comments are encouraged here)

5 min. Wrap
3 sets 1min each BTC stretch
5 sets 30 sec. V-stretch
3 min wrap
20 min. Wet jelq ( I use j&j baby oil gel, works well)
5 min. Jelq squeezes
5 min. JAI stretch
5 min wrap
Kegels kegels kegels until I can’t no more.

I am also taking 500 mg 2 times per day L-arginine, Also a product from the vitamin store called Enhance9 ( find if you Google it) as well as after I shower I use a cream called Peniform.
I have pictures but I guess I need to post 20 time first.
I look forward to your comments and suggestions as well as contributing to the forum myself. You all seem to be a good bunch with relatively the same focus as me.
My goal is to be an astounding 8” erect in one year, I know it can be done.
Go to go to work. CIAO