Back in business after loss of some gains.

So im not totally sure if any of you remember me but I used to be a regular PEer for 2 - 3 months. Forum visitor that is anyways. Since I stopped visiting the forums I continued my PE excercises for id say another 2 months on and off and then took a break for almost 2 months completely. I actually noticed a bit of gain during this 2 month break so I decided hey whey not start again to see what happens. So I started since then but not very regularly, and its been on and off since. I did reach my previous goal of 8” BPEL. Problem with this is the measurements are all askew. Using my hardware tape measure, I get 7.75”, with my normal ruler I get 8” and with a sewing tape measure I get 8.25”. So ive decided to stick to the mean.

Ive taken a commitment to starting again though as my Girth gains havent been anything to show off and I stilll dont feel good about myself due to the fact that since I started PE, I have gained 30 pounds and it is noticable in my fat pad. So my NBPEL isnt quite what it should be.

Anyways, im looking for some good techniques for girth but which also help length a bit. Im ready to move away from the newbie routine I believe.
Any help is appreciated.

START NBPEL: 6.5", BPEL: 7", EG: 5.4"

NOW NBPEL: 7.25", BPEL: 8.25", EG: 5.9"

NEW GOAL NBPEL: 7.5", BPEL: 8.5", EG: 6.25"