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Would the ligs hold back erect gains?

Would the ligs hold back erect gains?

I was looking at some anatomical pictures of the ligaments in the penis recently and suddenly realized something. If one were to stretch exclusively for tunica gains, hitting only the higher angles, would the ligaments eventually restrict the showing of erect gains?

Also, I’ve noticed after 2 months of upper angle hanging that I can feel my ligaments standing out a lot more, as if they may have moved up the shaft as my tunica gains increased. And when I went for a BPEL measurement, I had to push into my ligs a lot more than before….

According to this diagram, it looks like it would. I may just be going crazy but it feels like my ligs have moved up the shaft ever so slightly. but I’d like to hear everyone else’s opinions.

On a good note, this may mean easier lig gains if I were to switch to a lig specific angle.

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Starting stats- 5.9 BP Current stats- 7.5 BP, 5.25 EG, 8.13 BPFSL

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Well, this is my guess as to whats happening with your case.

According to BIB’s lot theory, upper angle hanging (OTS) will target the tunica; external and internal. Behind the ball’s fatigue is an indication of the “inner penis” being stretched and grown. What your describing seems consistent with this theory. Hopefully you do have more “internal penis” that can be exposed through lig stretch. Please report your gains especially if you go back at the lower angles.

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