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Anyone got donuts from jelqing

Anyone got donuts from jelqing

Hey everyone,

I was just wondering whether jelqing too hard, by using too much pressure, was the cause of my donut? I never had this type of problem before until the other night. I jelqed as normal except I decided to give the ‘C-grip’ technique a miss and just use the normal overhand OK grip.

I kegeled, grip very tightly and pushed towards the glans very hard. By the time I reached the last two sets of 30 reps, I noticed the underside of my foreskin near the glans had swollen up. I sweated, finished off my routine and checked here, at Thunder’s Place, for advice but only came up with pumping related donuts.

Am I gripping far too hard? Jelqing with too much pressure? If so, what can be done to off-set this effect in the near future? I’m more or less still on the newbie routine - into my 7th week - and don’t wish to cut back.

Any advice would be very helpful.


I have this problem every time I do jelqing. I always do exercises in the evening but any foreskin swelling totally disappears by the morning. If you have constant swelling over a few days then you may be pushing it a bit too hard if you are a newbie. Try lower intensity instead until you become conditioned.

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I’ve been doing the newbie routine for a week or so now and I got the donut effect the first two or so sessions, but it went away in a few hrs. Now I only get a slight donut after jelqing and it goes really quickly and I don’t think I have lessened the pressure I use, so my penis may have gotten used to the pressure already. I think my warm down helps reduce the donut effect, I use a hot wash cloth and wrap my penis, I then gently squeeze the donut area, I repeat this several times.

Whats a donut?

A “donut” refers to the head of the penis becoming over-engorged after a jelqing session, thus resembling a donut shape.

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report


Thanks you guys! I now know that I must have been using far too much pressure when jelqing. Matt73, you’re right I think I’ve been pushing it way too hard in my early stages of the newbie routine. I’m going to use a little less pressure and maybe take the strokes up from 2-3secs to 5-6secs at a moderate grip.

Hopefully that’ll sort my problem, those donuts are kinda ugly looking!!


WOW! I didn’t realize it was such a dramatic effect. I’d be pacing the floor, pulling my hair out, and muttering “what have you DONE!” if I’d had that happen before seeing a pic and realizing that it is a potential, non-dick destroying PE injury. A good reminder for us newbs to take it easy!

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I never got a donut from jelqing, but I once

got a croissant from clamping. :D

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Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

I’ve gotten mini-donuts from excessive masturbation, but I’ve never jelqed enough to get one through PE.

POLL: Masturbation Donuts

Once I was jelqing at Wendys and I got a donut, hot dog and a slurpy beat that


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