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Any idea of what could it be?

Any idea of what could it be?

Hey, guys!

I stoped manual exercices about a month and a half ago. I noticed at that time I have some kind of pain in the down-left side of my inner foreskin, right behind the glans. And it seems I have a small cyst at the top of the inner foreskin too…!

I´ll see a doctor in the next week, but it seems the pain increases after ejaculation…

Any idea of what could it be, guys?

Start: 07/09/08 - BPEL: 6.75"; NBPEL: 6.2"; EG: 4.75"; STOPED for several times.

----- Current/Restart: - BPEL: ~ 7"; NBPEL: ~ 6.4"; EG: 4.85";

Final Goal - NBPEL: ≥ 7.5"; EG: ≥ 5.5";

Get it checked out. It is probably something simple that a urologist will be able to correct. These things need to be checked out. You only get one cock in life. :)



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