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Another Noob with a Penimaster


Another Noob with a Penimaster

HI I’m new to the boards.

I just purchased the Penimaster and I’m hoping to get something out of it.
I have noticed that a lot of people arent writing about it anymore.

So my question is, is anyone using the Penimaster and how’s it working?

Thanks for any response



I have one, it works. I used it for 2 months before the fall semester started after that I forgot to use it and I really didn’t want my roommate to find it. After I used it my head got alot bigger and I got a little length and girth. I plan to start it back up after May. Use it consistently and you’ll get results. Warning though, don’t make the strap to tight or you’ll bruise and don’t attempt to piss while wearing it, that hurts too.


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Thanks Pepsi9000

Mine is still in the mail cant wait to get on the program.

I’m planning on wearing it 8-10 hours a day if possible
and ofcourse take brakes in between to piss and massage.

I’m cut and I’m hoping this will make it easier on the glans,
I dont know just a thought.

Lucky I still have some baggy pants from my teen years,
I’ll Have to start wearing them again.

I quess it’s not possible to sleep with it on because of serculation problems
to the head. You’d have to check it every hour or so.?

By the way do you wrap before putting it on for comfort?




I can’t keep the damn thing on for more than 2hrs. It finds a way off, if you want to keep it on that long do it when your not walking or moving around. I put it on and started to walk across campus with a girl and the damn thing fell off in transit, luckly she was talking about herself and didn’t notice. Master,P doesn’t travel well at all. I tried it in my sleep but even then moving in my sleep it’ll come off. I only where it for 2-3 hrs a day, after that my cock ring gets sore. From what I’ve read alot of guys only where it for for a few hours a day and get results.


Thanks for the info.
Yeah that sound embarrassing I can picture walking with a friend and the damn thing comes off.
Maby you can tape the base on to the pubic area to prevent it falling down your ankle…
Than again tape and pubic hair… not a good idea.
how much did you gain in the 2 months of use?
I’m aiming for 6 months = 1”inch
I dont know if their rubber noose is any better than the Jes-extender silicone tube method that every other stretcher has.
I’m guessing if you wrap you can make it comfortable.?


I was Just on another board and I heard them positioning the penimaster
according to their LOT.

Lets say you have a 6 o’clock LOT should you position the PM upwards

And opposite with a hight LOT?


I used the penimaster for 5 months (8 hours a day) and got pretty good results. I switched to hanging since I got more privacy to do so. I did have some problems that can be avoided. Make sure not to wear it more than an hour at a time. Taking it off every half hour would be the safe way.

Read my thread on problems:

Penimaster users beware


Thanks for your help and yeah I read that thread and it sounded scary
I guess you just gotta experiment with it and see if you can ever take it out side?



My dick head doubled in the soft size, and the ridge became very prominate. I’d say with wearing in 1-3hrs a day I grew 3/8in erect and it hangs longer when its soft like an inch, but I think thats because it was “trained” through the stretching not so much that the actual growth.


Great news Pepsi9000!
Some good gains in a short period of time!
I’d love to hang too but cant because i’m living with my folks right now and dont get much privacy.
I believe you can probably get the fastest results by it.


hi EEE

I have been useing the PM for 6 weeks and but have decided not to measure my progress untill the end of week seven, I hoped to average 8to9 hours aday for a period of 6 months. It does seem to be working but i am down to my last strap and the company don.t answer my emails so i may have to call it a day soon.

Hello Ycett!

I’d love to hear from your results when you measure.
Does the manual tell you how much tension to put on or you just go by feel?
You should call the company at 00 49 1805 / 263 263.
I dont know if you have phone cards in the UK like here in NYC you can get one for 5 dollars and talk for hours
with out anything ever showing on your phone bill.
Good luck with getting the new straps.


hi again EEE

It doe’s give some recomendations but i find it more a case of wear it as hi a tention as you can stand. I must admit that within the first 2 weeks i developed quite painfull strech marks on the under side of my last week i went to the drug store and purchased some ointment which women use when they are pregnant.

this and a minutes stretching prior to putting on the pm has realy helped.

I have phoned them re straps but the guy who answered the phone was very poor at english and could not understaned what i i emailed them again i think if they don’t answer i will try and write to them.


My Penimaster just arrived today!
It took only 5 days from Germany to NY USA.
I’m wearing it right know for the first time and it feels pretty good.
I got pinched pretty bad putting on the strap first but thats the way to learn I guess.
I was kind of dissapointed it didnt come with any kind of case to keep the spare parts in.
Well the treatment has now officially started.
I’ll keep everyone posted on gains if any.


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