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Another Noob with a Penimaster



there should be a few black cloths with it, put them on your shaft and the pinching stops.


I’m using it for a week now. Haven’t had any gains of course.

In the beginning I thought that I was going to wear the device for like 16 hours a day, all the time I would be awake. But that turned out to be a dissapointment. There is no way I can hide it under my pants so when I go into public places or meet friends. I just cannot wear it. Usually I wear it in the evening and get to about 3 hours. I also don’t have a real idea how much tension you should put on it. The maximum doesn’t give me any problems as in pain because it’s stretching too much, but just gives problems that my head gets numb or purplish, or it’ll just slip off. I can’t wear it upright, because that way I’ll always loose it. Downwards I can wear it for as long as I like.

After 1 week my one of my straps is also wearing down, so I’m a bit worried about that.

I have had mine on for 5 hours now with no problem except for the pinching when ever putting on or off.
I went out for 3 hours and was fine.
The key is to wear baggy pants.
I gotta try the “socks” that came with it, for the pinching.
So far so good


The tension thing is a good question.
The manual says nothing about it.
But the less tension you have the easier it is to wear.
Must experiment…



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