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Penimaster modifications

Penimaster modifications

Hi Everyone.

I’ve been reading the forums for quite a while now. And I think I finally have something interesting to contribute.

I got the Penimaster in the mail the other day, and while I am impressed by the overall quality, the attachment device was uncomfortable and kept slipping off. I also use the Bib hanger and believe Bib’s theory that pressure should be placed on the sides of the shaft in any stretcher design. I came up with an easy modification to the Penimaster made from a piece of 3/4” Snap-Fix PVC pipe repair clamp, $1.59 for two. The picture shows the clamp as purchased, and the finished product in place on the Penimaster. I wrap using microfiber lense cleaning cloth under theraband. I have only tested for an hour or so but so far it works great.

I will post a pick us the stretcher in action in the Members Pics forum.

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two more pics.


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and two.

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this looks interesting - will have to find products like this in UK - not into DIY so this is probably going to be a disaster

This might be OK for wearing around the house, but would probably be to noticeable to wear out in public. Not a bad idea though.

slim pee p

The dimentions aren’t any larger than the original equipment. maybe a little more pointy. I was going to send the whole thing back before i figured this out though. I don’t think I’d wear this thing out in public much in any case. I have a crazy fear i’d get into a fight, or have to save a baby from a burning building, or run for a bus, or get hit by a car and end up in the emergency ward, and the whole time i’d be thinking “damn, i got to get this thing off my dick.”

LOL Yeah i have had ideas like that also. It is kinda hard to wear this device out in public with it pointing down, but if you point it upwards you can barely tell that you even have it on.

slim pee p

I emailed you AAA to find out some more details on your well thought modification One of the things I do not like about the Penimaster is that rubber collar. When i tighten it too much so that my cock will not slipp out it chokes the hell out of it. I wanted to know the size drill bit you used to drill the hole on each side of the plastic PVC joint and the size of the bolt you used to tighten up. Let me know please.

Where did you purchase the Snap-fix repair clamp? I have been to Home Depot, and Lowe’s, as well as calling the manufacturer. All I know, is it is still made, but no one carries it. Shoot me an email, as I would like to discuss this with you further, if you don’t mind.


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Has anybody found these or made them, I would like these even better than current strap, I bet. I wish AAA was still around.


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You can make one as above if you just flatten 2 small pieces of pvc pipes by warming them in boiling water or hold them above fire (not to close) and the fold them in any direction you like…………that’s the cheapest way to make 1 as the picture above……….i made one and it works great……………

Thanks for bumping this up, I never saw it before, great information… I made one using a variation of Capn Hook’s Wench, works good, but large pants bump, this looks less bulky.

Thanks again,

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