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Another newbie!!?!?!


Another newbie!!?!?!

Hi everyone,

I am obviously just another newbie! I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and list my stats and goals.
I am 27 years old, straight, unmarried but have live-in girlfriend. 5’10” tall and 170 pounds. I am of German decent, and live in Minnesota, USA. I just started PE about 2 1/2 weeks ago and already am starting to see slight results. I started at: FL-3.0”, FG-3.25”, EL-5.25, BPEL-5.75, EG-4.375.
My workout consists of a mix of what is able to fit into my busy schedule, and what privacy allows.
I do this routine 3 days on, 1 day off, and do it in the morning before work.
I warm up by sticking it in a cup of warm water for a few minutes (easier that the wrap)
Then I hang meduim weight (about 4 pounds) using a home-made set-up, while I brush my teeth and shave, which is about 15 minutes.
Then I do an intense jelq session for about 10 to 15 minutes, 600 or more reps.
I get in the shower immediately after.
I do between 700 and 1000 PC squeezes while at work, a little later in the day.
Also, privacy issues allow me to hang heavy weight only 3 times a week. I am starting this week. I just built a hanger according to Tom Hubbard’s plans (the newer one). I plan to start at 10 pounds and work up from there.

I would appreciate any suggestions from other members, if my plan does not seem like it would yield good results. My ultimate goal is (not un-realistic, I think) FL-5.0”, BPEL-7.0”to7.5”, EG-5.5”.

Also, I have been thinking about the Circle Device. Has anyone used it? Is it worth the huge cost?? I am on my feet 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and it sounds like it would be good for me. I have not been able to find any information about the device except for what they say on their website.

One more thing, I am really glad I found this forum. I have been reading posts and checking things out for about a week now. I must say, you guys are a great group of people trying to help each other. I am glad to be a part of it! Thanks!

Welcome aboard

True, you have come across a great place.

I have not seen any reccommendations on the circle device. It seems very expensive for what they offer.

Only you will be able to tell if your routine is the most adequate. Start lightly (as you have done hanging) and build up slowly.

Don’t get too obessed either. A break for a week or two every now and then sees one come back with renewed energy to start growing again.

Happy PEing


Very Realistic Goals


Your goals are very realistic and attainable. I started off with measurements similar to you
and perhaps a bit smaller. In a little more than a year, I was able to increase my erect length by
2 inches, get my flaccid size to 5” x 5” and substantially increase my erect girth. Your program
appears sound. Just stick to the plan, stay motivated and use the feedback on this site to
help you rmaintain your focus and goals. Much success to you.


Thanks guys, for making me feel welcome. I will wait and see what gains I make before looking further into the Circle Device. It really does seem expensive! Real PE has been my dream since age 14, when I first got laid! I have been about the same size for all those years! I did quit smoking about a year ago, and hope that helps make a positive impact. For all these years, I have been that “wierd” guy who always waits in line for the stall ,instead of using the mass urinal in public restrooms. You know the story……. Locker rooms, etc. I am going to do this!! I am sick of the same old insecure bullshit! Thanks again for the support!

Hey Beretta,

I should have some of Tom Hubbard’s old directions on how to make your own circle device online within a week or two. Just watch for me to post about a new addition to the PE Archive. Best of gains to you !!

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Thanks. I will definately be looking for your info on the home-made Circle Device. It just seems like a good idea. Hang light weight all day! In addition to a regular PE program, I can’t imagine that it would not considerably improve gains. I have come real close to ordering the CD several times. The cost just keeps me thinking twice. Also, I think as I improve grith, I would need a larger model. That could get real spendy! Thanks again, and I really am proud to be a part of such a great forum! I wish I had found you guys years ago!

Its been a little over a month now that I have been PEing.

I actually have some AWESOME results to boast! It may not sound like much yet, but I am really proud of my progress so far.

I started at BPEL- 5.75” and EG-4.375”. I am now at BPEL-6.125” and EG-4.75”!!! I measured on a day off from PE so it would be most accurate. Flaccid length and girth have also increased quite a bit, but I can’t get an accurate measurement right now because of the big variations. It seems like an average for the flaccid would be about FL-3.75” and FG-4.0”.

Erect Length

Hey guys I am a larker getting envolved. Wondering if I could get a question answered? I am making gains in girth 1/4” and 1”in flaced length, however, I haven’t seen results in erect length. I have been somewhat consistent (3 on, 1off) for two months. Any advise?



DOn’t worry, You will start to see the erect gains real soon. My best advise is stretch, or hang!! Do that in addition to the jelqing. Pull it and stretch it every time you take a piss. Take an extra couple minutes before pissing and pull the shit out of it! Do that in addition to stretching before and during the jelq session. I am absolutely amazed by my gains so far, and I am quite a “newbie” to PEing myself. I do have a copy of some “pay site program” that has some real decent advice. It has been floating freely on the internet lately. I am going to try to post it by a link to this message. I don’t know if it is going to work, but I am going to try. Good luck man, and best of gains!


Ok, the first try didn’t work. Try going here:

Ok, here I try again…. But first my little disclaimer: I found this web page by doing a simple search using and typing in “penis enlargement”. I followed a direct link to this site. It looks like there is some other wierd shit listed in this site. None of it interests me, nor do I have full knowledge of what it contains. Click on where it says “penis enlargement” at the bottom left of the page. It is some good, sound advice that I think all members of these forums should be aware of. I don’t believe there would be any legal issues by posting the link considering how I came across it myself. Check it out:
I hope it works this time.

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Thanks guys (and Gals)

Thanks Barreta you are an inspiration.

Hey Beretta,

I didn’t see the link that you posted, but be careful about posting links to “free” material that is copyrighted or is normally ofr sale. That kind of stuff can get this place in a lot of hot water.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Hi Beretta:

Hope you don’t end up like the other “Beretta.” Your first post just proves that saying “whatever works best for you.” When I came on this great site in early April, I read quite a lot and hanging seemed to be reserved for those who had been at it for some months - not for beginners. Lil1 hangs only and has had tremendous success. I’ve started hanging - 3 weeks into PE - with the Bib Starter, 2 lbs 15 mins am and 15 pm. I tried 5 mins btc the other day and have had to take 2 days off to “restore” my dick - I’m much smaller than you. I usually do PE 6 days with friday off. I’ve not noticed any length gains and one day it looks as tho i’ve gained some girth at the base, and the next day it seems to have disappeared, or at least just part of my scotum. However, I think it’s really early in the program and i’m prepared to commit 2 years to the program, so i’m looking to gain 4” in the first 2 weeks. I think many people read posts and see some guys have gained vey fast, and when they don’t they get discouraged and quit. PE obviously is for the long haul an with patience and focus.

I admire that you can do 700-1000 kegels dailey - I try to rememeber to do them in the car, at my desk and while hanging and jelqing, but a lot of times I forget. i don’t wish to sound crude but do you find your rectum getting sore when you do them? this happens when mostly sitting, like in the car or desk. I did 200 of them this morning while in bed - 50 at a time, 4 sets, and that didn’t seem to be as bothersome, but I don’t have the where-with-all to do 300 kegels in one session several times a day.

Keep us abreast (maybe I should say informed) - Glenn

Power Kegels

Hey have you guys tried stretching and kegels at the same time. I found this method on a PE site(have to look to remeber which one). You just pull and while stretching hold a kegel for about 20 seconds. I have worked up to 30 second reps. I am now doing this while hang. Powerful stretch and you can complete kegels at the same time.



Yeah, I have worked up to the point that 800 to 1000 kegels a day is not too much hassle. It is hard to remember to do them sometimes though. SOmetimes I do them at 2 different times during the day. It does seem like the position you are seated (or standing) in makes a difference. I find that leaning forward in the chair makes it easier to do sets of 100 at a time. While leaning back and relaxing somewhat, it seems harder to do big sets. Nasty as it sounds, it does work the old A-hole too! You are right about that! I try to do my kegels later in the day (a few hours after) my jelq session. I have tried to do them in conjunction, but it seems like too much at once.

You are lucky you got a BIB hanger!! I put it off too long! Now they don’t sell them anymore. I have been using home-made hangers, and when I finally decided to get a good, comfortable, quality unit, I find out they don’t sell them anymore. Also, in my first post I said I was going to start hanging 10 pounds, well I first tried to (actually) hang about 8 pounds, and it nearly ripped my dick off! I am still hanging 5 to 7 pounds about a month later now. 10 pounds is still ahead after a while.

Good luck with the hanging, and keep us posted as to your results!

Take care,


power kegels


I do some kegels during my jelq and hanging sessions. Mainly just to help the blood flow though. I still do my big sets later in the day. I got in that routine mostly due to time constraints in the morning when I jelq. It seems more comfortable to stretch out the workout throughout the day too. Also, I always do the stretches every day when I take a piss (except on rest days). A good, firm, 1 minute stretch in every direction before pissing. Being somewhat new at PE like myself (a little less than 2 months), you should check out that link I posted in one of my previous posts in this thread. It helped me design a pretty good program. I have used bits and pieces from many sources however. Good luck with the power kegels, and keep us posted as to your gains!

Take care,


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