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Am I too old for this

Whoa! I’m really surprised by the number of older guys in this forum who are doing PE. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter if you’re 18 or 16, as long as you do it to improve yourself and to boost your confidence.

I started in late 2007 at 39 y.o. Unfortunately I only managed about 6 weeks before life distracted me. I was 6” BPEL with great EQ, so when after only one month I measured numerous times at 6.125”, I knew PE worked (Geez, who knows how much bigger I could have been if I stuck with it, eh). I have finally decided to start again as of days ago (now 41). Strangely enough I still measured 6.125”, adding to my motivation. Now I need to take pictures.Though I wish I started much earlier, it looks like I’m starting earlier than many. Good on ya for starting now.

In answer to the OP title query— you’re too old not to PE!

Think of it as CV for your dangly bits.

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I started at 40, gained approx .75 - 1 inch in length and .3 maybe in girth. I’m 42 now, I started Nov. 07 very occasional for the last six months. I’m not in a hurry now :)

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Hey guys. First post here since January. I’m very happy to report my gains. I’ve grown .7 in length and .5 in girth. I’m now 6.9 bpel and 6.0 eg. A very noticeable gain. I’ve been extremely consistent. 2 on 1 off. Every couple of weeks I will throw in a 3 on 1 off just to mix things up or to suit my schedule. Wifey has noticed a big change also. EQ and PI are excellent and I haven’t injured myself once.

A special thanks to buttonbuck


What is your goal?

Thank you. My goal? :) 8x6

A special thanks to buttonbuck


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